A Wonderful John Corbett Quote

Do you know who John Corbett is? I didn’t, or didn’t think I did, until I looked him up and saw that he played Aiden on the TV show, Sex & the City, and who’s now going to be in the second movie (that just looks like a nauseating retelling of the original show, by the way, with women in their 40s and 50s running around like teenagers.) But, the one thing that this movie does have goingfor it is that John Corbett is back to show up in Carrie’s life and possibly sweep her away from Big once and for all. Don’t we all wish? I loved, loved, loved Aiden on the show and I really do think that Carrie should have ended up with him. But I digress.

John is also out doing major promoting because the movie comes out tomorrow and he recently sat down for an interview with The Frisky that shows me that I love him just as much in real life, as much as I love Aiden on the show. In the interview he has a cute name for the Misters, and how men should keep them in check, and talks about how Aiden was a truly good guy on the show. And ya know what? I think John is a truly good guy too. From The Frisky,

“On Big vs. Aidan:
“[Those fans] are yelling for Big when they should be in the Aidan camp! I’m going to shoot them with a water gun mixed with a little cayenne pepper!”

On which female characterhe most relates to:
“I guess I’m a little prudish in my real life so … Samantha. She’s a prude. I don’t know … I guess I’m more analytical, so I’d probably be more like Carrie. Yeah, I think so. I’d have fancy clothes, and I’d be as skinny as I can be.”

On admiring his own character:
“Aidan’s just a good guy. There’s not a whole lot of good guys left. I don’t think he’s a liar. He’s definitely a one woman guy.”

On how men in Hollywood should learn to stay faithful:
“They ought to stick with me. Let’s get together, drink a few whiskeys, and I’ll teach them how to mind the Johnson.”

On his secret about how to ‘mind the Johnson’:
“Don’t let the lizard out of the cage. If you just don’t let the lizard out of the cage, you’re going to be all right.”

I wasn’t planning on seeing this movie. It just looks too tired and I’m sick of seeing the same thing over and over again. And the fact that these women now think that they’re the fashiongoddesses of the world? Please. I’m so over it. But, John Corbett may have just convinced me to rent it when it comes out on DVD. Just to see that cute little Aiden smile.

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