Evangeline Lilly’s Lost Loves

I am soooo excited about the series finale of Lost tomorrow and the stars of the show, including Evangeline Lilly, who plays Kate Austen on the show, are all busy promoting the heck out of the show (although we heard relatively little from any of them while the show was running from season to season), and so they are also starting to fill the headlines a little bit more. Such is the case with Evangeline, who is now dating the production assistant of the show, Norman Kali, but before that she dated fellow costar, Dominic Monaghan.

As much as I dolove the show, I don’t actually know all of the stars’ names, and I actually had to look up who Dominic Monaghan was. I was elated when I Googled the name and there was Charlie Pace, grinning back at me with that devilish British grin on his face. I love, love, love Charlie and I will never forget watching the episode when they killed my beloved Charlie off. Oh, Charlie….anyways. Yes, Dominic and Evangeline dated for three years and they were even planning to get married in the summer of 2007. Instead of getting married that year though, they broke up. While they were still together and speaking openly about their relationship, Dominic was quite enthusiastic about talking about starting a family with Evangeline and marrying her while Evangeline always seemed to stay pretty elusive. All of this I find out from one quick Google search! Anyways, now that we’re all up to date, that could explain why Dominic is so upset that his former love is now seeing someone else. This latest report comes from the National Enquirer,

“LOST beauty EVANGELINE LILLY falls for production assistant after romance with co-star Dominic Monaghan and he’s not happy, The ENQUIRER has learned.

The freckle-faced Canadian beauty, who plays Kate Austen, has fallen hard for Lost production assistant Norman Kali after finally getting over her three-year romance with costar Dominic Monaghan, say sources.

“Lost certainly has been very good for Evie’s love life,” noted a set insider.

“Her romance with Dominic (“Charlie”) was red-hot for a long time, and they’ve still managed to remain friends. Now she’s found love again on the Lost set with Norman.

“I’m very picky when it comes to men,” Evangeline said. “I come across a man who I’m really attracted to about once every five years.”

Evangeline and Norman became friends working on the show and “in time that friendship blossomed into romance,” said the insider.

“Norman’s everything Evie wants. He’s handsome, strong and buff. He loves the outdoors and has a great sense of humor.”

One problem: Dominic is still in the picture. “It’s been hard for him to accept that Evie has moved on,” said the insider.

When Dominic learned Evangeline and Norman hosted a party at her home in Hawaii, his ego was bruised.

“The next day on the set, he made some pretty sarcastic remarks about them in front of the cast and crew,” the source said.

“It was awkward and embarrassing.”

While I was really routing for Dominic on this one, just because it seems that he was so hurt by the split, and because I do love him ever so much, it may be time for him to get over it. It has been three years since they split, and it’s no reason to attack someone, simply because it hurts to know that they’re happy and together. And, if Dominic really needs someone to make him forget about Evangeline, I’m just a phone call away.

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#1 Aaron King on 08.13.10 at 10:55 pm

Queen Song from the band Queen. I loved kate character but found as season could have clear things up. I really wish the best for you kate, and Dominic. Did you learn how to play guitar as a kid or just for the series.

I’m 42 frickin old “Tangled” is coming out but since one of the character is (married?). I don’t think she would like hr name in the National Inquier. I hate that magazine

Best Wishes,

Also, Tell Evangeline she looks fabulous with that black hair.

#2 Julie on 09.02.10 at 5:35 pm

Thanks for the info… I had really been wondering about how Dom was doing with all of this. I was concerned about him. I’d like to make one little correction though… it hasn’t been 3 years since they broke up. If you research a little further you’ll find that they broke up in 2007, but then got back together a year or two later and were planning on getting married again. They just broke up very recently… like a few months ago.

I can understand how hard this would be on Dom, I think he really did love her. I hear people saying he needs to get over it, and there’s plenty of other beautiful girls in the world. But it will take time to heal. He was with her for YEARS. They did EVERYTHING together. Just go to a Dom site and look at some of the candid pictures. Seriously. I understand how much Dom is hurting, and it does make me a little irritated at Evangeline. He LOVED her. I just wish she would still love him. They were perfect together.

If Dom ever reads this… I’m sending out big *hugsssss* to you. And lots of love. xxx I know what heartache feels like, so don’t listen to all those comments about hurrying up and getting over it. It takes time. But it will heal. xxx

#3 kateb on 10.12.10 at 4:25 am

Hey Julie,
Thanks so much for the correction! I actually didn’t even know that they had ever been together before I posted this and did some research (not enough apparently) I love Dominic too SOOOOOO much, and I love Evangeline Lilly too. I have seen many candids of them, and they looked so happy together! I too am secretly hoping that they find a way back to each other.

#4 vicky on 09.22.11 at 10:56 am

I recently read they are back together taking the wedding really seriously and Dom took Evangeline’s dad’s permission etc! Apparently they had lots of break ups and make ups but could never forget about each other cause they loved each other sooo much and couldnt be apart, so after sooo much hassle they realised they are meant to be together and decided to get married….i am so trying to find more details and if there is a wedding then when is it?

#5 vicky on 09.22.11 at 11:01 am

I just read a few of the comments above and I am now refering to Julie’s one. I am soooo upset about that too! I really didnt know they broke up again, mind u they might get back together as always. He did love her and does. It must hurt sooo much, I am getting married married myself soon with the love of my life and if all that went wrong then I think I would die. I dont know if Dom is gonna get over it….if she is the love of his life then he wont find it again…..he can only try to forget but it will never be the same with others….i wouldnt be able to move on either…and if i met other people it wouldnt feel the same for me and I wouldnt be able to do anything. I can almost feel his pain….I just hope she grows up a little bit and realises what she has lost and what she has done, why would she want anything more than Dom could offer when he was offering her every girls dream? That is unfair…

#6 Ed on 02.03.12 at 8:36 pm

o.o I’m on the German dude’s side.I mean.look his heart is broken. BROKEN,split,cracked,And Singed. Dom,If you know.There’s LOTS to think about.Girls,And life.I don’t care which one you choose.It’s your life.”Charlie Pace” was my favorite character on Lost.Life is HARD,And HITTING!I Know how you feel,Man.I Know how you feel.

#7 Tonto on 05.15.12 at 10:00 am

She was wayyy too hot for him and she knew it.

#8 jusj on 09.27.12 at 1:49 am

since she had a baby with Kail in May 2011, I think that puts “paid” to the Dom thing……

and….uh, kateb, if you’re that fond of Dom as to offer to help him forget Lilly, why’d you have to ‘look up who he was’?

I guess that’s Dom’s problem: somehow he’s a forgetably wild, cute, nice guy……..

#9 me on 01.10.13 at 10:39 pm

First off I don’t think she’s that hot. Certainly beautiful, in a tomboyish kind of way. And Dom is definitely better looking than Norman Kali.

#10 Sarah on 07.11.13 at 5:48 pm

This article helped me clear up a lot of those rumours- haha! (For example, I heard that the relationship lasted 5 years! Wow- big difference!) Anyways, I never knew that Evangeline was Canadian- this makes me happy, since I have the biggest little fangirl crush on Dominic ever, and I’m Canadian too! It’s not just that though, my mother looks a lot like Evangeline (she has gotten very many comments about it), so don’t I have some of those genes? Hmm? Maybe? Sort of? Hopefully..?
Well Dom was too good for her anyways, and I wish she knew what she was losing. I hope he’s over her by now, hopefully his adorable little heart is all mended!!

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