Katherine Heigl Does Baby Talk

I can’t believe that it’salready been nine months since Katherine Heigl and her hubby, Josh Kelley adopted that precious little baby girl Korea and so, Katherine has decided it’s time to sit down with some mags and talk baby talk. She sounds quite cute and like any new mom, and I actually admire the fact that she’s not going to hand over everything to Naleigh just because her parents are filthy rich. And, I especially like the fact that she’s making a conscious effort not to dress her baby girl like she’s about to head down the runway of some major fashion show. Don’t get me wrong. I think Suri Cruise is cute and all, but I also don’t think there’s any reason that a four year old girl needs an $800 purse.

What confuses me about the interview is the last bit, when Katherine turns the talk away from her baby and turns it towards her man, Josh. I get the whole smothering him with a pillow thing. Come on, people. Have a sense of humor! Who hasn’t spent a great deal of time alone with their hubbies and just anxiously waited for them to return to work? But, what I don’t get is that they’re “two people with totally different lives just trying to fit.” The interview comes from US,

“For Katherine Heigl, it’s tough being a Hollywood mom. Blame Katie Holmes and Angelina Jolie — who famously deck out their daughters in high-priced tot-couture.

“Dude, I try, but I’m not nailing the baby fashion. It’s intimidating,” Heigl says of competition like Suri Cruise and Zahara Jolie-Pitt in the June issue of Harper’s Bazaar. She and husband Josh Kelley are parents to Naleigh, 18 months, whom they adopted from Korea.

“I get beautiful outfits from Gap and baby Juicy, but I’m not layering it or putting her in Prada flats. It’s really stressing me out,” Heigl confesses.

But the former Grey’s Anatomy star, 31, doesn’t intend on indulging her child. “I want her privilege to afford her to seek many different things that might fulfill her,” Heigl explains.

“I don’t want her to have a Beemer on her 16th birthday or spend the summer at a beach house with friends. Nope. You want a beach house, you pay for it.”

But when Naleigh interrupts a romantic moment between Mom and Dad, Heigl doesn’t sweat it. The actress admits to the magazine that her daughter once threw up on her lingerie. “If parent time interferes with sexy time, that’s that,” she says.

Heigl tells the magazine that Naleish was born with a congenital heart problem, one fixed with open-heart surgery before she left Korea. “Her heart is 100 percent fine now,” Heigl says. “She has a scar, so she won’t be wearing bikinis, which is fine by us.”

Following her Grey’s departure, the actress spent a luxurious but intense three months off with her husband at their vacation home in Utah. “There were a good few weeks when I almost smothered [JoshKelley] with his pillow,” she admits.

No worries, she adds. She and Kelly are simply “two people with totally different lives and totally different experiences just trying to fit.”

See? I don’t get it. They’ve been married for two years, and have been together since 2005. So, why are they just trying to fit now? Because she got booted from Grey’s Anatomy and now has all the time in the world to stay at home and realize that she’s having trouble “fitting” with her husband? I’m not saying that Katherine and Josh are unhappy, or that they’re having any kind of problems in their marriage. I just seriously don’t understand this quote or what she’s trying to say.

I do feel bad that little Naleigh had to go through such physical trauma though when she’s just a tiny little baby. Here’s hoping that she will remain 100% fine and that the only thing she has to worry about as she gets older are those lack of bikinis in her closet!

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