I’m So Sick of Kate Gosselin’s Pity Parties!

Kate Gosselin might not be good for much but one thing’s for sure. She really has a knack for feeling sorry for herself. Anyone who watched her all too long stint on Dancing With the Stars was treated every week to a segment of Kate crying and moaning about her life. Whether it was the past year she’s had going through a divorce, or how terrible those rotten paparazzi are for following her around everywhere, she always had something to bitch about. And that was all besides the fact that she couldn’t danceworth crap! Now though, she’s been kicked off DWTS and so, she needs to find a new outlet for her moans and woes. Thankfully, that’s what she has her own blog for.

This time she went to complain about her kids. And by complain, I mean COMPLAIN! Boy, did she ever go on a rant! She crabbed about everything, from how she needs a referee uniform, to how she may end up killing her kids.  The blog entry that, just like her time on Dancing with the Stars, is entirely too long, and it comes from Celebrity Gossip,

“Having to face the challenging task of caring for her large brood of kiddies each and every day, Kate Gosselin is in need of a little help.

Taking to her blog, the TLC reality star mom wrote, “Help! Where is my referee uniform???? Honestly, this is every minute of every day in my house with eight kids!!”

Continuing to vent, Miss Gosselin added, “OK, I’ll admit it. There are the sweet moments of love and compassion to balance these never-ending stressful encounters, but for some reason, these unloving loud outbursts are what I tend to remember.”

The 35-year-old also dished about her method for calming intense situations, saying, “I’m to the point where I hold up my hand and say, ‘I’m not the complaint department, and I don’t like how black and white stripes look on me, so go work it out. If you can’t, I’ll help you.’ And I leave it to them.”

Jokingly telling that she sometimes considers running away from it all, Kate confessed that her large family is “emotionally tiring and time consuming.”

Scheduled to get a breather when she heads to Los Angeles on May 24-25 for the DWTS finale, mama Gosselin finished up by saying, “And I have a feeling there are many more jungle outbursts to be handled. Help me!!!!!!!!”

Hey, Kate, guess what? You have kids! And guess what else? Having kids is hard work! Granted, it’s probably a little harder to have eightthan it is to have two or three but honestly, do you need to bitch about them that much? I guess now that her little slaves aren’t making money for her anymore on that horrible TLC show, she just doesn’t like them as much.

I understand that all of these things that Kate is saying is nothing that any other parent hasn’t uttered at some point or other, to themselves or otherwise. But what I find most irritating about Kate is that she’s always complaining about something! When she’s with her kids, she’s complaining about how hard it is. And when she’s not with them, she’s complaining about how her time with them is “so limited” (due to having to allow their father with some kiddie time too) and about how she misses them so much. Kate Gosselin just likes to complain. And I for one, am quite tired of these pity parties she’s constantly throwing for herself.

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#1 Truvy Jones on 05.15.10 at 11:58 am

Wow, you hit the nail on the head! Awesome article.

#2 Kim Corbett on 05.25.10 at 11:11 am

Oh thank you so much for saying what I was thinking! I have 7 kids(ranging from 11-2) and I find that I have so many more things to do than complain! She needs to get a real job and stop living off the fact she had a few more kids than most at one time! It’s 2010 and both herself and TLC need to understand we are over it! It’s not really that uncommon anymore!!

#3 kateb on 05.25.10 at 4:23 pm

Kim, I applaud you for having 7 children and your sanity!!! I have two and most days, I’m not too sure how I’m going to keep up with everything. I truly can’t imagine having multiples, or even just a bunch of kids, but I do get a bit sick of Kate’s pity parties. And yeah, she does need a real job and I’m disgusted that TLC is putting her and her kids especially, back on the air.

#4 SexyChocoliat on 12.01.10 at 7:06 am

I am so sick of her! I’ve got 2 kids. Yes we have challenges too, but we are not having a pity party everytime one of them acts out. And we do not go on national tv trying to explain it. She needs to sit down and raise those kids as best she knows how — and hopefully this isn’t it.

I heard her explain away her children’s behavior as if everything caused it except her BROKEN HOME!

From the start of this family’s television career, you could see the anger brewing on both their faces, (she and ex hubby) and how their children were out of control because of it.

Why doesn’t she take responsibility for the demise of her family (along with ex) and move on.

When I heard her say she put her kids in a school with kids of “divorce”. I screamed — is she out of her mind??? Great, put your kids in a cesspool of the same and they will excell. Of course they’re acting out, its expected.

All I know, is that the road these kids will travel, its going to be a strange one. I pray it isn’t too tragic.

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