Have You Forgiven Ryan Phillipe?

I ran across a story about Ryan Phillipe lately that was pretty interesting. I pretty much blew him off as just another scumbag when he cheated on Reese Witherspoon, breaking up their marriage and tearing their family apart. While the article wasn’t about anything in particular, talking about his tattoos and blah blah blah, what I found most interesting was the last line. This talked about how he’s been “unfairly treated in the media.” Really? Why? Because he cheated on his wife and people didn’t take kindly to that? Here’s what the article had to say, from Pop Sugar,

“Ryan Phillippe let his forearm tattoo peek out from his tight white shirt while running errands around LA Monday. With MacGruber coming out later this month the normally private star is opening up in interviews all over including one about all his body art — Ryan showed off his shirtless sexy back for Inked magazine and also revealed how he covered up a ladybug tat he got for Reese years ago. His ex wife has been a frequent topic of conversation during the lead up to his movie’s release and Ryan seems to have won back some fans talking about his sadness over their breakup and found support in how unfairly he’s been treated in the media.”

What was even more interesting than the article itself were the comments that followed. The majority of people actually seem to be siding with Ryan and turning on Reese! Now, that’s bass-ackwards if I’ve ever heard it! A lot of the comments pointed out that Reese seems to always give the “correct” answer in interviews and that she seems very cold and standoffish, whereas Ryan has always been honest and open, even if we may not have always liked what he’s had to say.

Okay, I get the whole Reese/iceberg thing. But really. She’s one of the biggest and hottest stars in Hollywood and she has absolutely zero private life. So if she’s a little snotty to the paps that camp outside the grocery store when she’s just trying to pick up some juice for her kids, I get that. Ryan, on the other hand, has not always been open and honest. Even if he’s been honest about everything else in his life, he has always vehemently denied the fact that sleeping with Abbie Cornish was the reason for his divorce. He’s always claimed that the marriage was over before they started screwing and I. Don’t. Buy. It. And, even if you’re being honest about everything else, if you can’t pony up to the really big stuff and own it, then I don’t care what other useless crap falls out of your mouth.

So, I’ve had my say. I haven’t forgiven Ryan Phillipe. Have you?

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#1 everybody on 05.19.10 at 12:32 pm

Yes I have “forgiven” him. Mostly because I wasn’t married to him, I don’t really know the truth to anything in his private life, he seems like a decent person and I like his acting. People who judge celebrities are weird. They all screw around. If you want to worship someone go to church.

#2 kateb on 05.19.10 at 5:22 pm

Who did I say I worship? I actually wrote the post because I don’t worship Ryan Phillipe. And there really is no difference between you judging me and me judging celebrities. I don’t know them, you don’t know me.

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