Miley Raises Another Scandal with “Can’t Be Tamed”

I really despise Miley Cyrus. First the girl can’t decide whether she wants to be sugary-sweet or a total tramp, and now it seems, she’s gone the way of the total tramp. Miley’s sexy acts are no longer a surprise to me. I mean, she’s dated guys that are way older than her and of course, she’s posed for Vanity Fair wearing nothing but a sheet, and she’s danced around a stripper pole while performing onstage. Now, she’s raised the bar once again with her new video for her song “Can’t Be Tamed.” In the video, Miley wears a leotard, giant bird wings, and thigh-high boots, all while she’s trapped in a cage.

Now, I don’t know about this video. It’s certainly causing a stir, with people saying all the same things about Miley being a skank and being far too young to be dressed in such skimpy clothes, especially while she gyrated around in a bird cage. But, I have to admit, I don’t actually mind the whole concept of the video. It’s fitting for the title of the song, and in a day and age where it seems impossible to comeup with new ideas for a video, I don’t think this one is half bad. And really, Miley is 17 so whether we like it or not, she is very close to being a woman. And she’ll be turning 18 in November, the official legal age in many states, and then we really won’t be able to lash out at her trampiness or her lack of parental guidance (which I’m still not arguing there’s a huge lack of!)

The video is still a Miley Cyrus video and therefore, I still hate it. I think if Miley wants to do anything, she should act because she’s just got no talent in the singing department if you ask me. I think it’s that man-voice that gets to me. But other than the fact that I just hate Miley and therefore, hate everything she touches, this video doesn’t actually bother me that much. Hell, as far as I’m concerned, we should keep her in that cage for as long as we can.

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