Charlie and Brooke Aren’t Divorcing, They’re Just Getting Ready To

You have to admit that Charlie Sheen and his many crazy women know how to keep life interesting. After the whole downward spiral of these two, that started in December with Charlie’s domestic violence situation and then continued on with both of them going to rehab for alcohol problems, things between Charlie and Brooke Mueller have just gotten worse. It’s glaringly apparent that the two don’t know where their relationship is going, and is that any surprise? These two are some of the most unstable people I have ever heard of. So is it surprising that they can’t hold their marriage together? But, they also haven’t given up on it completely yet.

While Brooke and Charlie have decided to remain married for now, they also realize that the possibility of divorce is imminent and so, they’ve started getting everything ready. Reportedly this is because if divorce should take place, they want it to be done as quickly and as quietly as possible. And while that all sounds all well and good, I’m just not buying it. And if they honestly think that, I think they’re deluding themselves. Once you’ve started getting divorce papers ready, you’ve already made the decision. From TMZ,

“Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller have not only lawyered up for a possible divorce — they are getting all the paperwork readyin case the marriage goes down the toilet … sources tell TMZ.

Sources say Charlie and Brooke acknowledge divorce is a real possibility, but don’t want their business to come out in dribs and drabs in court filings. So lawyers advised them to negotiate the terms of a possible divorce now, get all the paperwork together and then see if the marriage has a chance. If it doesn’t, everything will get filed at once.

We’ve learned Brooke has hired family law attorney Lori Howe in the mega law firm of Trope and Trope. Charlie has hired attorney Mark Gross, a family law expert.”

And I’ll also just say that Brooke should have filed for divorce as soon as Charlie laid his hands on her. And since both of these two have some serious personal issues that they need to work out, I think they’re much better off just divorcing now and stopping the madness.

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