What’s the Deal with A-Rod?

Alex Rodriguez has been made famous, if not for his all-star baseball skills, than for making otherwise intelligent women in Hollywood fall for him like complete idiots. Seriously, I don’t know what the deal is with this guy, and I certainly don’t understand why so many women find him so incredibly attractive. But, after Madonna smartened up and dumped him, he hooked up with Kate Hudson, a woman that I admire and respect, and who I believe has a perfectly good brain in her head (except when it comes to A-Rod, apparently.) But now, it seems he’s captured another Hollywood lady under his spell, and it’s Cameron Diaz! Yet another actress that I love, and wish she could get a brain. This newscomes from Contact Music,

“CAMERON DIAZ has fuelled rumours she is dating KATE HUDSON’s ex-boyfriend ALEX RODRIGUEZ – after she was spotted leaving the baseball player’s New York apartment following a night out.

The New York Yankees star – nicknamed A-Rod – split from Hudson in December (09) after a whirlwind romance.

But the sportsman was rumoured to have moved on from the actress with Diaz after he was spotted with her during the Super Bowl festivities in February (10).

Now Diaz has caused further speculation she is dating Rodriguez, by dining with him at the Big Apple’s Hotel Griffou, along with actress pal Kate Winslet on Saturday night (01May10), reports New York Post gossip column Page Six.

The Charlie’s Angels actress was then reportedly photographed leaving Rodriguez’s home the following day on Sunday afternoon (02May10).”

Normally, I would think that these rumors weren’t true. That’s usually my first inclination when there’s a new rumor that I’m just praying isn’t true. But I don’t know. These two certainly do be spending a lot, a lot of time together lately. And I don’t think that A-Rod has any movie plans in the near future so I don’t think it’s a coworker/peer thing. But spending the night at his house? And going out for dinner repeatedly (although I think that Kate Winslet thing may have just actually been a gathering of friends.) I guess we’ll all find out in a couple of months when they decide to go public with it. And that’s only if this rumor is true. I’m still hoping it’s not.

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#1 jornos gone mad on 05.06.10 at 8:15 pm

so arod is now dating diaz? so what the hell? who really cares, how is this news?…do you have a problem with them dating ?…do you have a problem with diaz walking out of arods apartment with carrry bags?….are they upsetting single and lonely people like kate hudson .or is kate hudson crying her eyes out that arods never comin back to her? ….is the whole of america worried that baseball hunk arod is now dating hot arse diaz? ..does the whole world even care?….is it life threatening that arod & diaz are shagging? …whens the last time you had a shag?….next to more important news like the war overseas does the affairs of two mature celebs warrant the same type of media exposure? who is arod and diaz anyways and what really is the point here?…cant believe some people actually get paid to report and print this sort of stuff.

#2 kateb on 05.07.10 at 2:16 am

If you’re so much more concerned about the war overseas, I suggest you stop visiting celebrity gossip sites and look up some world newspapers or blogs where they report on that kind of thing. What I can’t believe is that people come here, take the time to read the thing I report that have to deal with Hearts in Hollywood (check out the title of the blog) and then take the time to write an entire long, long paragraph about how stupid it is. If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

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