Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Renew Wedding Vows

Oh, this makes me a little bit sick. Only because I find Mariah Carey to be very upsetting to my stomach, and she and Nick Cannon have renewed their wedding vows. And while I’m happy for them that they think having the ability to stay together for two whole years is some kind of grand feat, I just tire of Mariah so quickly. I agree with everything that Bump Shack has to say about it. Mariah Carey is a total diva and the whole having a wedding every year thing with the whole gown get-up and all, it’s just pathetic and screams that you need the spotlight thrown back on you one more time. So here ya go, Mariah. We’re throwing our spotlight on you and your wide hips once again for just a brief moment. From Bump Shack,

“Singer Mariah Carey and her boy toy husband Nick Cannon are still together and still going strong after more than two years. The happy couple celebrated their second anniversary in a small vow renewal ceremony at their Beverly Hills home on Friday (April 30).

Mariah is such a diva! The 40 year-old wore a long white “wedding” dress, which seemed to be at least two sizes too small, and a veil, while Nick looked slick in a white suit. They must be truly in love… Mariah vowed to celebrate their wedding every year with another ceremony.”

Seriously, renewing your wedding vows after two years? Do you really not remember what you said? And Nick Cannon, just following along with whatever Mariah wants, like a puppy dog with his tongue hanging out. And doing it every year? Oh please. I’m all for celebrating but a white wedding gown, and holding an actual ceremony every year is a bit much. Then again, if I was Mariah Carey, I may find a reason to make it official every year that any man managed to stick it out with me for another fourseasons.

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