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Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt: Splitsville!

Who had bets that the marriage of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt would last less than a year? If you did, you can start cashing them in as the couple have just broken up. The two were first married in November 2008 and then again in April 2009. Why the second wedding was held is not known […]

Alicia Keys’ Next Single: “My Shotgun Wedding”

Alicia Keys isn’t really coming out with a new song that’s called that. Or maybe she is. I don’t really know anything about Alicia Keys or her music. I’ve heard her sing and I admit, the girl’s got talent. But I’m not into R&B and her style just really isn’t my thing. But, if she […]

A Wonderful John Corbett Quote

Do you know who John Corbett is? I didn’t, or didn’t think I did, until I looked him up and saw that he played Aiden on the TV show, Sex & the City, and who’s now going to be in the second movie (that just looks like a nauseating retelling of the original show, by the […]

Brittany Murphy’s Husband Found Dead

Wow, what a sad, sad story. It was only five months ago that Brittany Murphy was found dead in the bathroom of her home by hermom, Sharon. And now, poor Sharon has had to find someone else very close to her in the exact same situation, Brittany’s husband, Simon Monjack. Simon was found by Sharon just […]

Evangeline Lilly’s Lost Loves

I am soooo excited about the series finale of Lost tomorrow and the stars of the show, including Evangeline Lilly, who plays Kate Austen on the show, are all busy promoting the heck out of the show (although we heard relatively little from any of them while the show was running from season to season), […]

Is Mariah Carey Seeking In Vitro?

Mariah Carey has been giving us all nightmares ever since she’s been talking about wanting to have babies. And now, just when we all thought we were safe, it seems as though she’s still trying. At least according to the National Enquirer and an anonymous source of theirs. Apparently, Mariah has been seeing a Beverly […]

Katherine Heigl Does Baby Talk

I can’t believe that it’salready been nine months since Katherine Heigl and her hubby, Josh Kelley adopted that precious little baby girl Korea and so, Katherine has decided it’s time to sit down with some mags and talk baby talk. She sounds quite cute and like any new mom, and I actually admire the fact […]

No Big Wedding for Cameron Diaz

No, the wedding rumors haven’t started just yet about Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez, but if these two ever do decide to tie the knot, it won’t be a huge, grand affair of any kind. Not if Cameron has anything to say about it, at least. With the soon to be released movie, Shrek Forever […]

Chris Daughtry Expecting Twins!

I love stories about celebrities expecting. And I love stories about celebrities using a surrogate even more. Don’t ask me why. I think it has something to do with the fact that people with such a huge challenge have found a way to overcome it, and will be rewarded with beautiful and wonderful children. And, […]

Amy Adams Has a Baby Girl!

Yay! I’m so excited about this!! After months and months of watching Amy Adams’ growing baby bump, she’s delivered a beautiful baby girl over this past weekend! There are actually quite a few details that we have so far, including that baby Aviana Olea Legallo weighed exactly 7 pounds when she was born, and that […]

Jenny McCarthy Moves On From Jim Carrey

It was just over a month ago when Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey broke up after being together for five years. And Jenny’s certainly not sitting and crying over the breakup either. Last night she was spotted coming out of a Japanese restaurant, hand in hand with an unidentified male, and looking quite pleased about […]

I’m So Sick of Kate Gosselin’s Pity Parties!

Kate Gosselin might not be good for much but one thing’s for sure. She really has a knack for feeling sorry for herself. Anyone who watched her all too long stint on Dancing With the Stars was treated every week to a segment of Kate crying and moaning about her life. Whether it was the […]

Have You Forgiven Ryan Phillipe?

I ran across a story about Ryan Phillipe lately that was pretty interesting. I pretty much blew him off as just another scumbag when he cheated on Reese Witherspoon, breaking up their marriage and tearing their family apart. While the article wasn’t about anything in particular, talking about his tattoos and blah blah blah, what […]

Robert Pattinson Kinda Has a Big Head

I’ve never been a huge Robert Pattinson fan. Don’t get me wrong. I love Twilight, and I think he does a fantastic job playing the part of Edward Cullen. But other than that, I’ve never been gaga over him and he’s never really stood out to me as particularly interesting. And now, I have even […]

Britney Spears Fires Her Boyfriend

You would think that when you’ve fired your boyfriend, things are really on a slippery slope in your relationship. But it seems like just the opposite is true for Britney Spears and her boyfriend, Jason Trawick. Jason has been representing the pop star ever since 2006, which means that he also saw her through her […]

Heidi Montag Really is as Stupid as She Looks

I have no use for Heidi Montag. That’s why I hardly ever write stuff about her on the site because she simply doesn’t do much that’s interesting and the fantasy land that she and her husband, Spencer Pratt, live in just doesn’t interest me at all. And while I thought that Heidi had made the […]

Did Jenna Jameson Lie about Tito Abusing Her?

It was just a couple of weeks ago that we were faced with headlines outlining the abuse that took place between another Hollywood couple. This time, it was super porn star Jenna Jameson and her fighter boyfriend, Tito Ortiz. Of course, when the story first came out, I couldn’t believe that another high-profile woman had […]

Miley Raises Another Scandal with “Can’t Be Tamed”

I really despise Miley Cyrus. First the girl can’t decide whether she wants to be sugary-sweet or a total tramp, and now it seems, she’s gone the way of the total tramp. Miley’s sexy acts are no longer a surprise to me. I mean, she’s dated guys that are way older than her and of […]

Charlie and Brooke Aren’t Divorcing, They’re Just Getting Ready To

You have to admit that Charlie Sheen and his many crazy women know how to keep life interesting. After the whole downward spiral of these two, that started in December with Charlie’s domestic violence situation and then continued on with both of them going to rehab for alcohol problems, things between Charlie and Brooke Mueller […]

Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson Remain Coy about Their Relationship

So we all pretty much know that Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are dating, right? I mean, we can only see so many pictures of them holding hands, and hearing about Rob’s crush on Kristen before it can no longer fall under the category of “speculation.” But, the two still remain very coy about their […]