Proof that the Pitt/Aniston Nonsense will Never Die

I really thought that all the ridiculous rumors about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston had all died out by now but apparently, I have been proven wrong once again. I glanced at a headline the other day where Brad Pitt was allegedly calling Jennifer Aniston “pathetic.” I turned away because, I was sure the rumor, whatever it was, wasn’t true. And I sort of couldn’t believe that we are still talking about Brad and Jennifer. But, reading the same headline in a different publication today, I realized that people must obviously think this is news of some sort, and that it holds some interest. So here’s the story.

Remember when Jennifer Aniston appeared on the cover of Architectural Digest last month? She also appeared on Dave Letterman and talked about the cover and called her newly built, custom-everything of course, “sexy comfortable.” Of course, Jennifer looked sexy and beautiful on the cover, and her house did too. But apparently, Brad had some issues with Jennifer appearing on the cover at all. Architecture is Brad’s thing, dontcha’ know, and how dare you take an interest in something that he might like too? God help all you architects out there. From Celebrity Gossip,

“Always caught up in tabloid drama, the latest fodder finds Brad Pitt calling ex-wife Jennifer Aniston “pathetic” after she invaded his architectural turf.

According to an Us magazine source, Pitt grew quite upset after seeing his former lady hit the cover of the Architectural Digest March 2010 issue – saying that Aniston never once showed a previous interest in what’s known to be one of his main passions.

Telling that the “Fight Club” stud was “disgusted” at the stunt, the insider dishes, “Brad thinks she is pathetic.”

The Us source adds of the situation, “Brad feels this is all so desperate. It was a ploy to get his attention.”

I do find Brad Pitt himself to be quite pathetic in anything he does. But I still don’t think this rumor is true. And I honestly don’t understand why people still feel the need to make stuff up about these two. It’s so over. People need to let it go.

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