Cutie Watch: Reese and Jim

Reese Witherspoon has been out a lot lately with her new beau, Jim Toth and the two seem to be getting along very well. Not only did Reese spend Easter weekend with Jim, but the two have also been attending events such as Jennifer Garner’s birthday party. I’d really like to know where my invite went, seeing as how both Jen and Reese are my BFFs. But I digress.

This shot of Reese and Jim was taken while they sauntered around LA with Reese’s dog in tow after taking in a very cute and cuddly lunch. has all the pics of their romantic luncheon but I chose this one. Mainly because Reese just looks overwhelmingly skinny in this picture, doesn’t she? She’s always been a slight girl but it seems to me as though she’s lost a ton of weight lately. But it’s nice to see that Reese has that same “I hate you, paparazzi” scowl on her face. That’s one reason I consider her a kindred spirit. We both hate people who get all up in our biz.

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