An Apology to Sandra Bullock

Jesse James has been spending a great deal of time lately apologizing to Sandra Bullock for his misdeeds when he stepped out, repeatedly, on their marriage. But now there’s someone else who wants Sandy to know they’re terribly sorry, and that’s Melissa Smith, one of Jesse’s many mistresses.

Yes, those geniuses over at TMZ have gotten a hold of one of the letters that Smith wrote to Sandra, and it’s filled with all kinds of apologies, as well as a statement that she ‘never meant any harm.’ How can you possibly say that to someone? After you’ve helped completely shatter their life, and had sex with a person’s husband? How can you possibly say that you never meant to cause any harm? If I were Sandra, all that would sound like to me is, “I never meant for you to find out.” Then she tells Sandra to call her if she wants to talk about in person! BAHA! This excerpt comes from TMZ, but you can read the entire letter .

“Smith wrote to Sandra, “I felt I needed to reach out to you and tell you how deeply sorry I am for everything that you’ve been through.”

Smith goes on … “And I know nothing I can say in this letter is going to make the pain of my actions go away.”

And the mea culpa continues: “… I am sorry for any hurt or pain that I have caused you. My actions of engaging with a married man are unforgivable. I never meant you any harm.”

Smith continues, “I compromised my beliefs on several occasions and as a result will never forgive myself.”

Melissa closes the letter, “Please contact me if you wish to discuss on the phone or in person.”

If I didn’t know better, and didn’t know how private Sandra likes to keep her private life, I’d think that Sandy leaked this letter to TMZ herself. Just to show everyone what idiots Jesse James slept with. Honestly, what does she think Sandra’s going to say to her?

I’ve always been of the opinion that when a person hurts someone, and then confesses when it’s really not necessary, they’re only doing so to relieve themselves of the massive guilt that they’re carrying around. Obviously, there was no need for Melissa to come clean. Sandra already knew about everything and really, I’m sure the last person she wants to hear from is Jesse’s mistress. Smith had no reason to write this letter except to clear her own conscious. And if I’m smart enough to see that, I’m betting Sandra is too.

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