Matt Damon and Luciana are Expecting Again

Matt Damon makes me sad. I used to love him so much that I actually considered him one of my favorite actors. Then he went on and on in some dumb interview about how we should all be giving money to Africa, and how it’s ridiculous when people say that they can’t afford $1 a […]

Cutie Watch: Reese and Jim

Reese Witherspoon has been out a lot lately with her new beau, Jim Toth and the two seem to be getting along very well. Not only did Reese spend Easter weekend with Jim, but the two have also been attending events such as Jennifer Garner’s birthday party. I’d really like to know where my invite […]

An Apology to Sandra Bullock

Jesse James has been spending a great deal of time lately apologizing to Sandra Bullock for his misdeeds when he stepped out, repeatedly, on their marriage. But now there’s someone else who wants Sandy to know they’re terribly sorry, and that’s Melissa Smith, one of Jesse’s many mistresses. Yes, those geniuses over at TMZ have […]