An Update on Sandra

It seems that once Jesse James shipped off to Arizona for rehab, we suddenly stopped hearing anything about the scandal that was going on between he and his wife, Sandra Bullock. There’s no official word yet on whether or not the two are going to get divorced, but things aren’t looking good for Jesse. Sandra was seen out just this past Friday, her first public appearance since news of the affairs broke. While she did seem somewhat jovial, even laughing and smiling at times, she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring. Hmm…maybe that’s why she was laughing and smiling.

And there’s more news on Sandra too. Apparently, she’s found a way to vent her feelings and anger about the whole cheatin husband mess by keeping a diary. And, I have to agree with Bump Shack on this one. That diary would make one hell of a tell-all! From Bump Shack,

“Oscar-winning actress Sandra Bullock is going through a very difficult time after learning that her husband of almost five years, Jesse James, has been cheating on her with several very trashy, skanky women for a long time. The 45 year-old, who is a very private person, has been reportedly keeping a diary to channel all her frustration and anger into writing.

“Sandy has suffered one of the most public and heart-wrenching betrayals imaginable, and she’s experiencing everything from complete shock to grief to incredible anger and humiliation,” one pal tells OK!. “She just cannot believe she fell for a man who turned out to be a monster. The diary is allowing her to vent all her emotions.”

Sandra’s diary might one day turn into a sensational tell-all, which would be like the ultimate betrayal for Jesse James. He deserves it! However, we do not believe Sandra will ever do such thing! And she won’t do it because her privacy is way too precious for her.

Sandra didn’t file for divorce yet because she is trying to work out an amicable deal with Jesse to secure her/their privacy. “She wants to tie up loose ends with Jesse so the divorce is as quick and painless as possible. She wants to make sure when they divorce he won’t discuss their relationship publicly,” a source told RadarOnline.”

I’ll be so happy once this divorce is final. It will be so much easier for Sandra to go on with her life and I hope she’s going to make Jesse James sign a non-disclosure agreement if she doesn’t want her private details made public. But, I have a lot of respect for Sandra and I don’t doubt that she’s going to make sure that every loose end is tied up. And now that we’ve seen her out in public, maybe we’ll get a longer public statement than the last one we had last time? I certainly hope so!

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