Uh Oh! Whitney Houston is Going Back Rather than Coming Back!

I remember when I was watching the two-part Oprah where she had Whitney Houston on as a guest. The first part was a whole hour interview with Whitney while the second part was pretty much Whitney getting on stage and belting her glorious lungs out. But, it was during the first part that something struck me as odd. Whitney was talking about her life with Bobby Brown, and about how that led to all the drugs and the drinking. Just to be clear, Whitney never had a problem with drinking, it was the crack cocaine that really messed her up.

But the whole time, I was just thinking, “Something’s wrong here.” Whitney seemed very calm during the interview and she didn’t even get upset when she talked about how many drugs she had done. I’m not saying she had to break down about it or anything. But the woman was talking about a time in her life that she talked about as being very dark and very dangerous. Yet, she would almost laugh when she was talking to Oprah. And she talked about rolling that crap up like an expert as though she was extremely proud of it. So yeah, something was off.

Now it seems that all of the come back talk and the being clean talk may have been a farce. Let me be extremely clear here. I really like Whitney Houston a lot. And I really hope that she’s not still drugging and whatever else. And I really really hope to hell that she’s not thinking about getting back together with Bobby Brown. But from the way things look on the surface, it definitely looks as though that may just be exactly what’s happening. From National Enquirer via Celebitchy,

“Is Whitney Houston back on crack? That’s the question friends and family are asking and fearing after the pop diva was hospitalized for a reported upper respiratory infection and canceled the first four European dats on her comeback tour.

Even more disturbing, the Grammy-winner’s free-fall has coincided with her renewed relationship with her troubled ex-husband Bobby Brown, sources say.

“Everyone is worried sick that Whitney is back on crack and abusing drugs again,” revealed a source close to the 46-year-old singer – who once famously said that crack is whack.

“She’sexhibiting telltale signs of an addict. One day she’s upbeat and even-keeled, and the next day she’s a mess – sweating, shaking, disoriented and mumbling incoherently. Just as troubling, she’s reconnected with Bobby, her longtime partner in crime.”

Whitney’s downward spiral began months ago when she appeared breathless, exhausted and disoriented during the Asian and Australian legs of her “Nothing But Love” tour.

The once-commanding entertainer struggled to hit high notes, sweated profusely and tripped over her own feet backstage in South Korea on Feb. 6.

Soon after, insiders say Whitney hooked up with Bobby – who has done multiple rehab stints after abusing heroin, cocaine, marijuana and alcohol. Although he lives with girlfriend Alicia Etheridge, Bobby partied with Whitney and a group of pals at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills on March 10.

“Whitney appeared to be feeling no pain. She was noisy and sweating, and yelling that she needed a drink,” said a source.

“I didn’tsee any drugs, but she downed a cosmopolitan and Bobby had a beer. Bobby kept telling Whitney to be quiet but she wouldn’t shut up.”

The source added: “Whitney and Bobby smoked crack cocaine in the past, and she shows many of the signs of being back at it again.”

Questions about her drug use surfaced when, on the eve of kicking off the tour’s European leg, Whitney abruptly canceled her April 6 concert in Paris and entered a hospital there with an upper respiratory infection.

She also pulled the plug on April 8 and 9 concerts in England, plus an April 11 show in Scotland. She denied reports of drug abuse, claiming: “My health is terrific, but this is a time when I get a lot of allergies.”

After her hospital stay in Paris, Whitney hold up at London’s ritzy Dorchester hotel, and her team made sure the troubled singer looked like a million bucks when she walked out to her car.

Anxious to dispel rumors of drug use, her sister-in-law Pat Houston told The Enquirer: “Whitney is doing fine. Some people have said cruel things, but she’s happy just to have rested in the hotel.”

I really am not trying to be cruel. Believe me, I can be cruel when I want to be and this is not one of those times. But, I really do think that this could spell trouble for Whitney. Or rather, spell out for the rest of us the trouble she’s already in – again! I just don’t think that a singer on a comeback tour would cancel several dates because of allergies. My God, doesn’t she know there’s medication out there? Legal, over the counter medication? And the fact that she’s hanging out again with Bobby Brown? Honestly! What is the woman thinking? I hope this isn’t true. I hope that Whitney really is just a true diva who couldn’t possibly step onstage when she’s got a case of the sniffles. But I, like the rest of us, has seen how determined and focused Whitney Houston is on her career. And I just don’t think this is a case of seasonal sickness.

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