Catfight: Kim and Paris!

Paris Hilton has been known to have her fair share of feuds with other high-profile women in Hollywood. We all watched as she and BFF Nicole Richie were inseparably stupid, only to watch them totally drop each other and call each other out any chance they got. Now, Paris has bigger fish to fry. And what can you say about Paris? When she does something, she makes it as complicated and melodramatic as possible. This whole catfight starts back when Paris was dating Doug Reinhardt the first time.

Paris and Doug first started dating early in 2009. Then, after an event-filled six months, they broke up. Before Paris confirmed the news, she was seen out showing off her panties and being generally disgusting all over Cristiano Ronaldo. That didn’t last and in the fall of 2009, Doug and Paris got back together to be happy, happy. Until recently.

This split, unlike the first one, was recently confirmed. But shortly after that, Paris was out seen having a pretty good time with Reggie Bush out in Las Vegas. It’s no secret that Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush have recently just split up from a very serious relationship and that Kimmie is still nursing some pretty serious wounds over it. And we all know what “dancing and having a good time with Paris” really means. But apparently, if you want to mess with Kim, she’ll mess right back.

This past Monday, Kim is reported to have  been seen kissing and hooking up with the very same Cristiano Ronaldo that Paris fooled around with after breaking up with Doug. Oh snap! No she di-n’t! The bits and pieces all come together from various sources, but make no bones about it. Those at the very heart of this whole entire mess know just how entirely childish and ludicrous it is. Reports of Paris’ latest split from Doug, and possibly her latest hookup, come from Sassy Qarla,

“After 14 months of being an item, Hilton gives Doug the royal boot. Youch! Recently, they broke up then reconciliated according to Though a third sweet reunion seems unlikely, and another trophy to the heiress huge collection.

Reinhardt is recuperating from extreme wounds and is desperately trying to win Hilton back, but the dude’s so history. Meanwhile, ‘miss single’ Hilton was spotted dancing with Kim Kardashian’s ex beau Reggie Bush at Tao in Las Vegas, over the weekend yet denies such allegations of a blooming romance.”

And apparently,Kim thinks that if Reggie wants Paris to raise his children instead of her, she’s perfectly fine with that. She’s got a new man on her arm and he’s as perfectly gorgeous and perfectly skilled as ol’ Reggie (well, I don’t know about any of that actually.) Apparently, Kim and Cristiano are in some kind of weird relationship. It sounds like they’re sort of dating exclusively, but taking things slow too. From Gather News,

“Kim Kardashian seems to have gotten over Reggie Bush because on Monday, she was caught “kissing” and being “very affectionate” with Portuguese Soccer Star, Cristiano Ronaldo, while having lunch at the La Dorado restaurant.

A blabbermouth friend of Kardashian’s told that Kim was indeed hooking up with Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo while the two were in Madrid, Spain.

Although they left seperately, they were caught arriving at the same place: Ronaldo’s mansion… where Kardashian didn’t leave until several hours later.

The same friend who is blabbing to also said that they are “just having fun” and Kim is “taking her time” and”They both travel a lot, so it’s easy for them to see each other.”

There’s something really funny about all of this to me. Firstly, I find it hysterical that Paris and Doug broke up – again! I mean shucks, if those kids can’t make it work, there’s no hope for any of us. And I just find it so funny that these people live their lives like they’re in high school. And, perhapswhat I find most hysterical of all is that Cristiano Ronaldo is considered to be some sort of crazy sex symbol, with women swooning at his feet. And that, unfortunately for Cristiano, has landed him smack-dab in the middle of what’s sure to be one of the ugliest and most immature catfights Hollywood has ever seen.

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