What is Drew Barrymore Thinking? best remedies for stretch marks

I truly love Drew Barrymore and I love her relationship with Justin Long even more. The two arejust so cute together. But as I was reading a cute quote of how much is laser stretch mark removal and of Drew’s, the how to dry brush skin properly and the articles intro said that the laser removal for stretch marks and the two were rumored to be engaged. That I had to find out more about because if these two have wedding plans, that’s something I definitely need to know about. But as I did my digging, I found out that not only are the how to minimize stretch marks and the reports not true, but they are all Drew’s doing in the how long should you body brush for and the first place. People only started saying she was engaged because she posted it on Facebook. Just blatantly posting, “I’m Engaged,” people started saying that Drew was engaged. Imagine that. Then, Drew had her people backpedaling for her, and just saying it wasn’t true. No mention though as to what Drew was thinking when she posted that on a major social networking site. From Ace Show Biz,

“A representative for Drew Barrymore has dismissed reports theactress is engaged to on/off lover Justin Long. The 34 year old sent gossips into a frenzy over the rid of stretch marks and the weekend by updating her page on social networking site Facebook to read “I’m Engaged”.

It came after she and Long stepped out on the laser stretch mark removal price and the red carpet together at both the define lymph system and the Golden Globes and SAG Awards in January. But Barrymore’s representative insists the is body brushing good for you and the “He’s Just Not That Into You” co-stars are not set to wed, telling E! News the lymphocytes system and the reports are “not true”.

Yeah, I just don’t get it. I truly would be thrilled if Drew and Justin ever got engaged but, I seriously think that Drew needs to get a grip sometimes. No wonder she scares guys off sometimes. Either they’re not engaged, and now Justin is left to wonder what the dry brushing your skin and the hell is going on in that head of can you get rid of stretch marks and of hers – or, they are engaged but have agreed to keep it secret and she just blabbed it to the how to dry brush skin properly and the world. In whichcase, Justin would once again be left wondering what we’re all wondering what right now: what is Drew Barrymore thinking?

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#1 Fuzz on 06.03.10 at 11:30 pm

I only want to know that is drew barrymore on any social network and real …. 😛

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