Silverman Makes a Scene

So today I’ve brought you Avril Lavigne making out in the backseat of a car with Brody Jenner. But Avril wasn’t the only one getting excited while out in public. These pics of Sarah Silverman and some guy that no one seems too interested in, were taken this week while Sarah and her beau were having lunch. I originally saw the story on TMZ and they had footage of Sarah and Nameless Man totally making out at a patio table at a restaurant. Oh yeah, Sarah’s all up on his lap and everything.

While I think it’s bad enough that people find the need to put the fact that they have the hots for each other on such public display totally disgusting, there’s something even more sick about this being in a restaurant, with people trying to eat nearby. And in the TMZ footage, people were putting down their forks to stop and stare. Gross. There’s sweet and “new puppy love” and then there’s just making us be an audience of a show that we have no interest in.

The TMZ website doesn’t seem to have the footage readily available on their website (not that I can find anyway.) Luckily, Drunken Stepfather was there once again to get the goods and catch it all on tape for us! A big thanks to them for it!

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