Sandra Speaks!

We’ve all been waiting on the edge of our seats for Sandra Bullock to make a public statement about howher marriage fell apart, and where she goes from here. Well yesterday, People released a statement from the actress. But don’t get excited. The statement only speaks to the rumors that there’s a nasty sex tape featuring her and her husband, Jesse James. It’s literally two sentences long and doesn’t give up any more info other than the fact that there is no sex tape. From People,

“Sandra Bullock has broken her silence during her marriage crisis, denying an Internet report there’s a sex tape with her and husband Jesse James.

“There is no sex tape,” she says in a statement to PEOPLE on Tuesday. “There never has been one and there never will be one.”

While I’m disappointed that Sandra didn’t reveal more in her statement, I’m not enraged about it like some folks are. Some people think that Sandra should have said more and should have delved into the complicated matter of her marriage and her husband’s affairs. But honestly, I think that Sandra herself probably doesn’t even know what to think right now, let alone say. So if all she wants to do is make a statement disputing rumors of the tape, more power to her. And, not that anyone cares about what Jesse James has to say, but he has also denied any existence of a tape.

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