Jim and Jenny: Splitsville!

Well now, if they can’t make it, who can? Yesterday, Jim Carrey was the first to break the news that he and longtime girlfriend of 5 years, Jenny McCarthy had broken up. Jim told the world the news over his Twitter account on April 6, and within minutes, Jenny also confirmed the news.

I am sad to see these two break up. Mainly because they took the way of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn with the whole “we’re not getting married, but we’ll always be together” approach. I personally love this approach because I too, am with the person I will always be with although we will most likely never get married. So, I was really rooting for these two and just wish they could have made it work. The news, being that it was announced on Twitter, of course spread like wildfire and this is what CBC had to say about it,

“Celebrity break-ups can be one hell of a spectator sport, but some are definitely more memorable than others. Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy took it the next level yesterday when they announced their split – in rather business-like fashion – on Twitter.

Jim introduced the topic (“Jenny and I have just ended our 5yr relationship. I’m grateful 4 the many blessings we’ve shared and I wish her the very best! S’okay! ?;^>), and moments later, Jenny confirmed it (“Im so grateful for the years Jim and I had together. I will stay committed to Jane and will always keep Jim as a leading man in my heart.”) That “leading man in my heart” line reads a bit too scripted to be genuine — in fact, the whole announcement feels about as spontaneous as a James Cameron film.”

The CBC report is actually quite cynical about the whole thing, and saying that Jenny’s words were scripted was the least of it. CBC actually seemed appalled that stars would take to Twitter to announce their split but really, what’s the big deal? As CBC points out later in their own article, stars like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears have been doing this for years. So again I ask, what’s the big deal? I think that it’s a way for stars to beat the paparazzi to the punch, and to give one statement that can be read by the entire world at once. Not a bad idea when you’re constantly getting harassed by those people with the cameras swinging around their necks.

Regardless of how they announced their split, I’m sorry that they did. I’d hope for a chance of reunion on this one but, seeing as how Jim and Jenny were involved for a very long time, and that they were both very serious about each other, I bet this is something that was well thought out and discussed, rather than a big blow up and people screaming swears at each other. Well, the good news is that now we can keep an eye out for who they’ll date next. But even that probably won’t be anytime soon. All the best to both of you, Jim and Jenny. Even during a breakup, you’re veryclassy folks!

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