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It’s been made pretty clear that Sandra Bullock doesn’t want to stay married to her cheating husband, Jesse James. With Jesse continuing toproclaim his love for Sandra over and over, and even checking into sex rehab to win his wife back, and Sandra continuing to ignore his pleas and move out of the house, it seems as though the marriage was truly over. But with all of this going on, people are wondering why she hasn’t just gone and filed for divorce already. Many of us had just assumed that Sandra was just taking some time to absorb the situation and let’s face it. No one is ever eager to file divorce papers, no matter how much they hate the person they’re divorcing.

But, according to Radar, there’s another reason why Sandra hasn’t slapped papers in Jesse’s face yet. And that reason is that she’s worried that her husband will become so enraged by her inability to forgive him that he’ll go blabbing all of her secrets to everyone. This of course, has everyone wondering, just what exactly Sandra’s secrets are. From Radar,

“Sandra Bullock has decided her marriage is over after discovering husband Jesse James cheated on her repeatedly, but she has yet to file divorce papers because she’s worried her angry husband will spill her secrets, is reporting exclusively.

It’s been three weeks since the Oscar-winning actress’ marriage blew up and she’s avoided the public and made no comment, even as her troubled husband has released statements saying he wants to save the marriage.

“The main reason Sandra has not filed divorce papers yet is because she doesn’t want to trigger Jesse into attacking her publicly and revealing her secrets,” a source close to the situation told

“Sandra is one of the most private actresses in Hollywood,” the source said. “And the last thing she wants is Jesse out there talking about her and talking about her marriage.

“She’s been worried that if she drops divorce papers on him now he’ll want revenge and will try to harm her reputation.

“His behavior is so erratic that she doesn’t want to send him over the edge.”

Jesse’s erratic behavior has been obvious. As was first to report, Jesse checked himself into sex rehab at Sierra Tucson in Arizona hoping to prove to Sandra that he was fighting for the marriage and willing to whatever was necessary to save it. Less than a week later, Jesse left rehab after Sandra wouldn’t take his phone call. After his short stint AWOL, Jesse is now back in rehab again.

Jesse’s fascination with Nazi memorabilia and his lifestyle in general has always seemed at odds with Sandra’s image as Miss Congeniality. The situation has left many people wondering what Sandra and Jesse have in common and Sandra has preferred to keep the details of their marriage private.

A nasty public divorce is the last thing Sandra wants and that is why she hasn’t dropped divorce papers on Jesse so far.

“Sandra is a very private person and always has been,” the source said. “She keeps a close group of friends that keep her secrets. She doesn’t want an angry ex-husband revealing things she wants to keep private.

“During the past several weeks she’s had several phone calls with Jesse and he’s pleaded with her to stay married. But he’s also grown angry when she wouldn’t agree. And that’s what has her worried and has frozen her into inaction.

“She believes that Jesse would be so angry by divorce papers that he would destroy the privacy she’s fought so hard to maintain.”

I highly doubt that this is true, but I’m always skeptical when a “source” is named rather than someone who has an actual name. But even if it is true, so what? Who’s going to believe a word that comes out of Jesse James’ mouth? There are also reports floating around that Jesse James had over 12 sex tapes in the home and I guess I can see how Sandra wouldn’t want those floating around should she be one of the co-stars on one of the tapes. Either way, staying with someone just because you don’t want them to spill your secrets doesn’t sound like a good situation to me at all. I hope she files those papers soon and hopefully, start to rebuild her life.

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