Winslet Makes No Apologies

I bet Kate Winslet is extremely grateful that Jesse James turned out to be  a cheatin’ whore around the same time that she announcedher divorce to Sam Mendes. It’s certainly taken the spotlight off of her and put it on poor Sandra Bullock. But Kate did come forward recently in an interview to talk about how she makes no apologies and does not regret being away from home and her kids in order to pursue her career. In the interview Kate says that the press made her feel extremely bad when her daughter was very young and she left her with nannies but that now, she doesn’t feel the need to make excuses or explanations. And frankly, I don’t blame her. From Digital Spy,

“Kate Winslet has admitted that she felt suicidal after facing public criticism for leaving her children with a nanny to focus on her career.

The Titanic star – who recently split from husband Sam Mendes – has daughter Mia, 9, and a 6-year-old son, Joe.

However, the actress maintained that she refuses to regret her decision to leave the children at home in order to continue pursuing work in the film industry, despite the backlash it provoked.

She told The Times: “I don’t feel guilty about working now. When Mia was younger I did, but that was largely to do with the press. You know, ‘She’s off and the child gets left behind’. You just want to kill yourself when you read those things.

“Mia and Joe are not on-set movie kids. I don’t ever have them hang out in the trailer, because I don’t like the notion that they are sort of beholden to my schedule, not knowing when they’re going to see me. I’d rather, you know, give them a big kiss in the morning before I go off to work.”

I think that of all the things that Kate Winslet is, a bad mother she is not. She has taken time off between films (with the exception maybe of Revolutionary Road and The Reader.) So it’s not like she saw her kids one day when they were very young and came home when they were already off to college. And what’s the difference between Kate working, and another “normal” non-celeb mother working? Sure, Kate’s bound to be away more on location and such, but there are also lots of moms that work very late hours, seven days a week. So again I ask, what’s the difference? And just like any other parents, they need to make money to raise those kids somehow. And I realize that Sam Mendes is a big-shot director, and that he made more than enough money to support his wife and children. But why should Kate have to put off her dream? What ever happened to “you don’t have to stop living just because you have children”?

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