It Looks Like Sandra’s Marriage is Over

You have to admit it. When Sandra Bullock decides it’s time to do something, she really goes out and does it! We have all been waiting for two things: 1) for Sandra Bullock to ditch that loser husband, Jesse James, of hers and, 2) for her to appear in public again after her husbanddisgraced their family so badly. And within days of each other, Sandy has done both! On Wednesday, she was photographed for the first time out and about as she now doubt tied up some divorce ends or went to go pack up her stuff. And just days later (today), a moving van was seen at the home of Sandra’s and Jesse’s, moving a bunch of Sandra’s stuff out. From Digital Spy,

“A moving van has been spotted outside the home Sandra Bullock shares with her husband Jesse James in Seal Beach.

Bullock is currently thought to be living at her house in Hollywood Hills following numerous allegations that James has been unfaithful.

Reports have now suggested that Bullock is moving out of the Seal Beach house permanently after a LA Delivery Service van arrived at the property to pick up some belongings.

TMZ claims that two movers put a sofa, a love seat and several boxes into the vans,while a man and a woman packed a number of items into a separate car.

Meanwhile, James’s mother and his daughter Sunny have also been photographed carrying boxes.”

Let’s just keep in mind that TMZ was also the first to report that Elin had moved out of the home she shared with Tiger, only to move back in a few weeks later. I’m not saying that TMZ didn’t have their facts straight, because as far as I know they usually do. I’m just saying that things aren’t always what they seem. But the fact that Jesse was also seen moving boxes tells me that they’re selling the house and that they are dunzo! And I can only hope so. Aside from still feeling so, so badly for Sandy (along with the rest of the world), I feel terribly for that poor girl Sunny, Jesse’s daughter. She and Sandra were reportedly very close and it’s goingto be very hard for her to lose her stepmother. If only her dad wasn’t such a douche.

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