Jesse James Seeks Sex Addiction Counseling

Remember when we told you that Jesse James had been pulled by over by a Californian police officer while on his way to Arizona? Apparently, Jesse was headed to sex rehab, where he is currently seeking sex addiction counseling. All of this in an effort to win back the love of Sandra Bullock and continue on with theirmarriage as it once was. Can I just hear a big “Oh PUH-LEAZE!”
I’m so sick and tired of these people claiming that they have some kind of psychological “problem” that forces them to cheat on their spouses and live involved and complicated double lives. Jesse James, Tiger Woods, and Dave Duchovny are the latest celebrities to try and make up for their past discretions by “seeking outside help.” The latest on James’ attempt to do just that comes from the National Enquirer,

“Cheating Jesse James is “doing a Tiger Woods” and checking into sex rehab in a desperate attempt to win back livid wife Sandra Bullock.

“Jesse’s at his wit’s end, and he knows it’s going to take a huge gesture to win Sandy back,” said a source.

“If it means he has to grovel, then that is what he will do.

“Jesse’s doing everything he can to stop the divorce.”

The Monster Garage star has been accused of cheating on his wife with a string of younger women, including tattoo model Michelle “Bombshell” McGee.

The insider said Jesse had been researching the best sex rehab facilities in several states, and added: “He needs to act fast if he wants to turn things around. Sandra is getting angrier by the day, and his reputation is in shreds.

“Jesse’s an arrogant guy who thought he could bluff it out.

“He’s never wanted to admit to a problem, but now he’s starting to see that if he tackles the sex addiction issue head-on, his marriage may still have a chance.”

POP FYI: The Sierra Tucson rehab facility in Arizona where James is staying is the same one Sandra “went to” in her rom-com rehab flick 28 Days.”

For some reason, I just find it even more sickening that he’s visiting the same one his wife did in a film that helped make him all of those millions of dollars that she rakes in. Unlike Tea Leoni and Elin Nordegren however, Sandra’s not buying the whole “mental illness” excuse.

One of the reasons Sandra’s so angry I think, besides the fact that her husband’s a cheatin bastard, is because it came as a complete shock to her. She had no idea that Jesse was out bedding multiple women, and she actually blames herself for being away from home so often. Aw, Sandy! Please don’t turn this inward! Jesse deserves no forgiveness and he has no one to blame but himself.

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