Is Amy Winehouse Trying to Get Pregnant?

Oh please, say it isn’t so! The word on the street is that Amy Winehouse is trying to get pregnant! Can you imagine?? Little crack babies running around among the mess that is Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil? Oh this doesn’t bode well for future societies at all. Apparently, when Amy was shoving tremendous amounts of crap such as crack cocaine and every other drug known to mankind, she also only consumed food in the way of crap. Feasting on things like chips and ice cream was a regular thing for Amy. Not surprising considering that she has a problem saying no to things that are bad for her – drugs and husband included.

But those habits are a thing of the past as Amy is now not only cleaning up her act when it comes to drugs, but when it comes to the food she eats too. Veggies and fruit have replaced the junk and reportedly, Amy has been off drugs for the past six months. Unfortunately, there’s no word on improvements being made on the husband front. But all of this is in an attempt to become pregnant! Yep, she’s trying to cleanse her body and prepare it for pregnancy, as so many women do. Unfortunately, most women aren’t Amy Winehouse and should she become pregnant, I have a feeling that disaster would quickly follow. From Gossip Center,

“Sounds like she may be cleaning up her act a bit, as a source close to Amy Winehouse says she is looking to get pregnant in the near future.

The “Rehab” singer has apparently improved her diet and is stocking up on health products as she prepares to start a family with Blake Fielder Civil.

“She used to survive on sweets, ice cream and crisps, but she’s been stocking up on vegetables and fresh produce so that she can do some cooking and hopefully get pregnant,” the source told Britain’s Now Magazine.

Supposedly, Winehouse has been off drugs for six months and now “Her biggest addiction now is probably shopping for designer shoes. She’s also visiting the gym.”

All I can say is, God help us all. Not only would it be a nightmare to see Amy Winehouse pregnant, but how unfair to the poor child that is thrown into the middle of that mess? With parents that can’t seem to decide whether they’re going to stay married or get divorced, and fight the same indecision when it comes to pumping their systems full of drugs, it’s really not right to introduce a child that never asked to be put there in the first place. Because, whether or not Amy has cleaned up her act, I can’t see that home being a good environment for any child. And I’d at least like to see her off drugs for longer than 6 months if and when she decides to start a family.

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