Sandra Bullock is Reportedly Filing for Divorce

I guess, after mistress #4 stepped forward, Sandra Bullock has decided that she has been embarrassed enough by her husband’s sex-capades. Radar Online is reporting that Sandy has filed for divorce and that she has had enough! And do you really blame her? If this is true, I’m so happy that Sandra has made this decision. Some women need to realize when it’s just not worth it, and I’m so much more respectful of someone like Sandra who’s willing to put her own dignity over a few bucks or saving face, unlike Elin Nordegren is doing by staying by her man. And it doesn’t hurt too that I really love Sandra Bullock and will support her in anything she does. This comes from Radar Online,

“Will she stay, or will she go? That is the question that has been on everyone’s mind since news broke that Jesse James has been cheating on America’s sweetheart, Sandra Bullock. Now can exclusively tell you that Sandra has decided to divorce Jesse.

A source close to the couple says she has made up her mind and already taken steps toward obtaining a divorce.

As more and more women come forward claiming affairs with the West Coast Choppers star, sources tell that Sandra is humiliatedand feels that her entire marriage was one big lie. So far four women have been named as cheating with Jesse.

And as breaks the exclusive news that Sandra has decided to divorce, her rep told People that Sanda is not considering adopting Jesse’s daughter Sunny “nor have there ever been any plans for Sandra to adopt any of Jesse’s children.”

As exclusively reported, Sandra left her Hollywood Hills home Monday for an undisclosed location. The Blind Side Oscar winner has been continuously moving around and staying out of public as she figure out what she wanted to do about her marriage.

A source close to the situation tells that Sandra has made the decision to pull the plug on the marriage. “She’s had enough,” the source said. “She’s ending the marriage.”

Sandra has not been seen in public since the news surfaced of Jesse’s alleged affairs two weeks ago.”

I can’t blame Sandra for not wanting to be seen in public and having to answer all of those questions while she’s still hurting so much. But I think that’s just one more thing that’s so unfair in cases of infidelity. It’s always the hurt spouse who stays out of the public eye and goes about their lives as though they’re some kind of hermit. Meanwhile, the cheating spouse goes and cavorts about the town, living their life as though nothing has changed at all.

And that’s just exactly what Jesse James is doing. Radar also reported that Jesse was recently pulled over on a California highway headed for Arizona because his car didn’t have a front license plate, and it also had tinted windows. Jesse apparently, had a very long and in-depth conversation about the police officer regarding the current state of his marriage. And boy oh boy, I bet Sandra truly appreciated that as well. What an ass! I hope the rumor of Sandra filing for divorce is true. And I hope he doesn’t get one red cent out of her!

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