You HAD to Know This Rumor Was Coming!

I have to admit it, as soon as I heard that Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes broke up, I started having fantasies about Kate and Leonardo DiCaprio hooking up. I mean really, who doesn’t want to see that happen in real life? It would just be too too perfect. But now there’s an actual rumor going around that Kate and Leo might actually be hooking up and that Leo was one of the main causes for the breakup of Kate’s marriage. From the sounds of it, no one is actually saying at this point that Kate and Leo have hooked up. But with the whole entire world knowing how super close they are, it’s certainly going to spark some talk after a major divorce, isn’t it? From the National Enquirer,

“There’s no question that Kate’s openly loved Leo for a very long time, and her feelings for him drove a wedge between her and Sam,” a source divulged.

“Kate and Leo talk on the phone all of the time, and she opens up to him about absolutely everything. I think her relationship with Leo has made things with Sam unfixable.”

“They basically grew up together,” the source said. “When Leo needs advice on something, he turns to Kate., He says she knows him better than he knows himself.”

“Kate knew her husband always sensed her closeness to Leo, which turned him off and made him think about where the marriage was headed,” the insider said. “Finally, the two of them were honest with one another – Sam admitted he needed someone else in his life and Kate confessing she wanted to move on.”

“Kate had the same super-close bond with Leo while she was with Jim [her first husband] as she did while withSam,” a source says. “No other guy can compete with her feelings for him.”

It’s no secret that Leo and Kate are very, very close and that they are probably even best friends, and have been for a long time. But I think the Enquirer saying that Kate has “openly loved” Leo for awhile now is misleading. Yes, I’m sure she loves him. But I don’t know that she’s “in love” with him like that opening statement seems to make. And while I personally really love seeing their chemistry together, I can see why it would be a little hard to take for Sam Mendes. It’s tough when your wife has another man that she leans on so much. But, she was very good friends with Leo before she met Sam, so I always figure that if you know it going in, you’ve got it coming toyou.

And Sam certainly is no victim in this scenario either. There are also rumors going around that Sam has been seeing Rebecca Hall behind Kate’s back. So, maybe Sam was needing to find someone else in his life and that was actually the reason for the split. And not Kate’s undying passion for Leo.

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