Reggie Bush is a Cheater Too!

What is going on in Hollywood exactly? There must be somethingin the water – the men’s water that is. I’m certainly not saying that the women in Hollywood don’t cheat too but lately the headlines have just been full of douchebags that  can’t seem to stay faithful to their wives. Or in this case, their significant others.

I just reported on the breakup of Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush a few days ago. At that time, it was reported that the breakup was due to the fact that Reggie wanted someone a little less “party” and a little more “mommy” and “wifey” to stay home and take care of his family. But apparently, that was a load of bull on Reggie’s part, if it was ever even him that gave that reason for the split. Because now it’s coming out that Reggie is actually joining the long line of cheatin men and has been seen stepping out and having sleepovers with some chick named January Gessert. This story hasn’t been confirmed yet, but there’s enough loose ends and contradicting stories that make it ring true. From Bump Shack,

“Reggie Bush was caught leaving a sleepover with a hot blonde waitress named January Gessert before he and Kim Kardashian broke up (pictures above). This “incident” possibly ignited a nasty fight between Kim and Reggie and they decided to split to avoid a cheating scandal.

According to the National Enquirer, Reggie’s transgressions aren’t exactly new since he already has quite a cheating plan which includes the use of multiple cell phones. Oh, Reggie!! Not Reggie!!

Reggie’s rep denied the hook up and says January is actually dating Reggie’s pal. When questioned about her relationship with Reggie, January was clearly nervous, contradicting herself and said she only knows him from TV, which was proved a lie by the pictures above taken on March 16th.

January is not the only girl linked to Reggie. According to Radar, thereare more women who have been spending wild nights with the NFL star: a Crystal in Las Vegas, a Danielle in New Orleans and sexy Miami model Carmen Ortega.”

How is it not a cheating scandal just because you break up over it? If you cheat, it’s a scandal. Period. And I don’t believe that Reggie and January weren’t hooking up. Do you really need to have a sleepover with someone who’s dating your best friend? And I’ve always found, especially lately, that when there is more than just one woman claiming that they’ve slept with someone, it usually turns out to be true. And then they all have a beauty pageant to determine which one is the best.

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