Is J.Lo a Total Hypocrite?

Okay, I know that Jennifer Lopez actually is a total hypocrite. Andshe’s never been a favorite of mine, although I do have to give her kudos for her acting skills. Well, it wasn’t all that long ago in January when J.Lo claimed that because these things should be left up to God, and that she’s far too traditional to try such methods. Making any woman who was trying modern ways to have a baby look like they were on some kind of Godly power trip and were just trying to mess with nature. But now, J.Lo may have just proven herself for the hypocrite we’ve always known she is. Either that, or Star dreamed up a story line on a slow news day. And because this one comes from an “anonymous source”, that’s not too far of a stretch either. From Star,

“Most moms would have their hands full with young twins – but Jennifer can’t wait to add to her brood! Jennifer has visited Beverly Hills doctor Jay Goldberg, who deals with fertility issues, several times in the past month, and is considering turning to in-vitro fertilization to make her baby dreams come true.

“Jennifer insists she didn’t do IVF with the twins, even though a lot of people think she did,” a source reveals. “But now she’s having difficulty getting pregnant again.”

So the determined star – whose son Max and daughter Emme are two – has already had numerous blood tests and exams to see if IVF is right for her.

“She’s not going to give up,” the source adds. “Jennifer says she used to think that having two kids was enough. But she and Marc love being parents so much, they’re beyond ready to have more!”

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see on this one. But I bet my bottom dollar that if we do see Jenny with a mummy tummy anytime soon, that it took a little bit of modern medicine to get it there.

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#1 Regardless on 10.28.10 at 4:12 pm

What is the difference between getting pregnant in the bedroom,and getting pregnant in a medical setting? Why does it matter? The resulting child is wanted by God, regardless of what some bigot like Jennifer Lopez proclaims. I’ve also never heard her talk about God before or being religious at all. Was she all into God when she was dating that loser P Diddy? Why all of a sudden is she talking about God?

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