Charlie Sheen May Find Himself Tongue-Tied

Charlie Sheen has always made himself appear as someone who is extremely charming, and extremely smooth. But soon, Charlie might find himself tongue-tied in court when he may have to defend his drinking while he was out on probation. The probation came after he assaulted his wife, Brooke Mueller on Christmas Day, and one of the conditions of that probation was that Charlie could not drink or do drugs while he was on probation. Now that he’s in rehab, that may be difficult for Charlie to explain away. From TMZ,

“Charlie Sheen will plead not guilty today in Aspen — weather permitting — to felony menacing and two misdemeanors, but the judge could ask a question that could land Charlie in jail.

Charlie is currently out on bail for the Christmas Day incident involving his wife, Brooke Mueller. One of the conditions of bail — Charlie can’t consume alcohol or use drugs.

Our sources say Charlie has fallen off the wagon since his arrest … which is why he’s currently in rehab. If the judge asks Charlie about rehab during Monday’s arraignment and whether alcohol and/or drugs drove him there, Charlie is in a no-win situation.

If he tells the judge he consumed alcohol or used drugs, his bail can be revoked and he could be thrown in jail. If he tells the judge he did not use alcohol or drugs, he could face a perjury charge.

Technically, all Charlie has to do is say two words — not guilty. The judge isn’t required to ask about anything. But if he does … all bets are off.

Charlie is scheduled to fly out this AM from L.A. to Aspen. Flights were canceled last night because of weather.”

That’s one of the reasons why I love following TMZ so much. Because Harvey Levin, the managing editor of TMZ, is actually a lawyer so we get to find out tidbits like what Charlie will be legally required to say, and what the judge could ask him. It’s always good to have a professional with their ear to the ground, that can combine the Hollywood and legal spin of the situation for us. And, according to Harvey, Charlie can be in a bucketload of trouble that he won’t be able to talk his way out of.

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#1 ioana on 03.15.10 at 12:32 pm

Eventually I trust that things will be sorted out in court, but I do believe that is a huge mistake to break parol. Not to mention hitting your wife. My respect for Charlie Sheen has gone down imensly

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