Is Katie Holmes Being Forced into Pregnancy?

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a good Katie Holmes pregnancy rumor, hasn’t it? And as far as rumors go, this one is fantastic – meaning that it’s completely wild, ridiculous, and as far as I can tell, probably couldn’t be further from the truth.

According to Star magazine, Katie Holmes is being forced into pregnancy “against her will” by her loving husband, Tom Cruise. The rumors that Katie was pregnant again started with TMZ, who showed a picture of Katie standing in a store with a slightly billowy top on. They held up the picture, asked if she was pregnant, everyone in the room gave a resounding “NO!” and the story seemed to have been dropped. I guess it was at that point that Star jumped all over it and decided to take the story one step further by saying that she’s being forced into things like Scientology prenatal courses, and a detox that was pretty painful. Umm…just what exactly does Katie Holmes have to detox from exactly? Hollywood Dame has more on the story from Star,

“Katie Holmes is spending increasingly more time at the Scientology center reportedly undergoing Scientology ‘auditing,’ sparking rumors that she’s ‘being prepared’ for her second baby with nut-job husband Tom Cruise, this according to Star Magazine.

The gossip rag continues on to say that Katie spent four hours at the Hollywood Scientology Centre last week, and might be doing this because she’s getting “prepped” to have another child, with sources swearing that Holmes followed the exact same course of action right before getting pregnant with daughter Suri. According to a website run by the Church of Scientology, followers believe the “health and the sanity of the child begin long before birth.” Scientology auditing is used to restore self confidence, happiness and spiritual freedom and involves answering questions or following directions with the aim of being freed from unwanted barriers that inhibit natural ability.”

I don’t know if Katie is pregnant again or not. I’m thinking that it’s been slow in the news lately and she’s probably not. But I definitely don’t think that Tom Cruise is forcing her into anything against her will. I think Tom’s a kook and I think Katie’s a kook too but I think they’re kooks together. I think they are both honestly very happy in that relationship and that it’s probably a pretty equal marriage all around. I definitely don’t think Tom would subject her to treatments when she didn’t want to get them done. And if Katie really was at the Scientology Center, then she was probably there because she wanted to be.

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#1 Gale Cremins on 05.12.10 at 10:50 am

Not more gossip concerning Katie Holmes being pregnant! Simply because she is dressed in baggy clothes may simply signify that she desires to feel comfortable.

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