Is Fergie Preggers?

Fergie, the hot singer from Black Eyed Peas and Josh Duhamel just might be adding onto their family very soon – and it’s for all the wrong reasons. The rumors haven’t been confirmed by the couple but anonymous friends are talking like Fergie really could be giving birth very soon. Apparently, Fergie has cut out alcohol, which is huge since she’s always been known as a huge party girl, and these same friends also say that her tummy is starting to expand. But this baby is about more than just husband and wife wanting to share their love with someone else.

The National Enquirer reported this past fall that Josh Duhamel was having an affair behind Fergie’s back. What?!?! I didn’t know about that! And the Enquirer is talking like this is something that really happened, and that they know to be fact. Doing a little digging, I found out that these allegations were made by a stripper. So who knows if the rumors are true, about Josh’s affair, or about this supposed baby bump. But, if both rumors are true, this affair is reportedly the reason they want to have a baby. So they can start fresh and make a new beginning. From National Enquirer,

“Fergie’s dreams of motherhood could be coming true very soon.

Friends say her expanding middle means there could be a baby on the way!

The Black Eyed Peas singer “has definitely got more tummy lately, and she’s certainly acting pregnant,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

“She suddenly cut out alcohol and is taking way better care of herself.”

As The ENQUIRER exclusively reported this past fall, her hunky hubby Josh Duhamel carried on a wild fling with a stripper while filming in Atlanta, leaving the Grammy-winning performer shell-shocked.

“But since then, they’ve rededicated themselves to their marriage, and Fergie began to rebuild her trust in Josh,” disclosed the insider.

“A baby is their No. 1 priority to making a fresh start.

“They both want to start a family as quickly as possible.”

Let’s remember that these two people just got married last year. And if you can’t stay faithful in your first year of marriage, then there’s bigger problems down the road. And who the hell actually thinks that having a baby to save a marriage is a good idea? I know lots of people do but it doesn’t work! If all of these rumors are true, and Josh and Fergie want to introduce a child into their dysfunctional relationship, then I feel sorry for that child.

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