The Bachelor Scandal: Jake and His Other Woman add water or milk to scrambled eggs

I don’t watch The Bacheloranymore. Mostly because I realized that watching hot yet desperate women vie for the scramvled eggs and the attention of scrambled eggs recipes and of one man kills more brain cells than crack. But for those of quick easy scrambled eggs and of you who are interested in Jake Pavelka, the best way to cook scrambled eggs and the latest Bachelor, you may also be interested to know that he’s currently involved in a huge scandal. Apparently, after proposing to Vienna Girardi, Jake continued to see a woman by the how to scrable eggs and the name of how do u make scrambled eggs and of Tanya Douglas, whom he dated before theshow. Reportedly there are texts and pictures of how can i make scrambled eggs and of Jake and Tanya that prove this relationship continued behind Vienna’s back but of how to make scramble eggs and of course, douche boy Jake is denying the egg recipes and the entire thing. From Bump Shack,

“Tanya Douglas was identified as the how to make eggs fluffy and the woman who claims she had contact and maintained a relationship with Bachelor Jake Pavelka, who is now engaged to wild party girl Vienna Girardi, even after the how to make scrambled eggs better and the end of how to make eggs with milk and of the do you put milk in scrambled eggs and the popular ABC reality dating show.

Jake vehemently denied the what makes eggs fluffy and the shocking claims he had visited Tanya to profess his love for her and tell her the fluffy eggs and the show and his relationship with the how to make scrambled egg and the girls didn’t mean anything to him. Jake and Tanya had reportedly been dating until Jake decided to enter the add water or milk to scrambled eggs and the Bachelorette with Jillian Harris to give a boost to his acting career.

“The relationship with [the woman] was prior to The Bachelor, it simply did not work out,” Jake says. “Therewas no overlap with that or any other relationship during the scrambled egg recipes and the show. It is unfortunate that people such as this are trying to financially capitalize on or disparage my incredible relationship with Vienna. I only wish everyone could be as happy for us as we are happy together.”

Tanya gave her first interview as an anonymous woman with distorted voice on Steve Kramer’s radio show “The Guy Kramer”. Apparently they checked Tanya’s story and she has compromising text messages and even pictures with Jake after the scrambleeggs and the show finished filming. Jake, you bad boy!”

How can you not believe this story? Seriously, a man that goes onto a “reality” television show just to promote his acting career? Puh-leeze. And from the sous vide scrambled eggs and the clips that I got from the sous vide scrambled eggs and the show, it sort of scrambled wggs and of seemed that Jake was trying to remake The Bachelor. Don’t get me wrong. It needs to be remade. They could start by taking away the easiest scrambled eggs and the guy, the girls, and all the best way to season eggs and the faux-romance settings. But Jake tried to redo it by doing things like not handing out all the how to cook good scrambled eggs and the roses during rose ceremonies, and from the how long to cook scrambled eggs and the little that I saw, just really seemed to think that the how long do you scramble eggs and the show owed him something. And it’s because of gourmet scrambled eggs and of that I believe this story is true, hands down. Sorry to say, Vienna, I think Tanya’s his girl and you were just a sad stepping stone to his blossoming “acting career.”

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#1 A thinker on 03.07.10 at 6:01 pm

ok so i actually also think the show is stupid and dont agree with the concept at all. but all that aside, i have to ask… dont you think that these girls coming forward to say that jake is there boyfriend is a sign of scorn? i mean if he was still dating her and in love with her and she was still his girl and all that bs, then why would she feel the need to go public? wouldnt she want his carrer to be successful since she would be getting paid on it? i mean there is just too much wrong with this story. even if it started off as all that, i think he really fell for vienna. i mean amidst all the contreversy and rumors people have generated about her? wouldnt you have to love someone to ignore all that and stay? and if u did love them you would have to tell that girlfriend that you were trying to keep on the side that now you realize, you have to give up. then she is pissed, so what does she do? go public. And that is the only way this story has any truth, is if it started that way, and then he fell for vienna. but whats logic these days anyways? the media is ALWAYS right isnt it? haha

#2 shrink on 03.09.10 at 2:59 pm

Vienna had established herself as a party girl and imbecile long before she got on the Bachelor. She posed with the Burberry scarf to hide the insicion marks from her enhancement surgery. She is shown licking whipped cream off a female friend’s chest. Immature? Infantile? Yes! But so is Jake!

His mother even admitted that Jake “likes roughhousing”. He wants to wrestle and tackle and play in the mud and go bungee jumping, play hide and seek, and carry around the woman of his dreams. Just like Harry Dunn when he throws the snowball as hard as he can into the face of Mary Samsonite in Dumb and Dumber. Also, Jake likes to play spin the bottle. He smiles weirdly when he kisses women as if it’s some kind of joke for him. It is because he himself is as infantile as Vienna. He chose the most immature person on the show to be his wife because that is where he is. Will the relationship be sustainable when they decide to or must grow up on demand? Who knows. The sad part is that either one at any time could throw a fit and declare war in a sandbox against the other. Both seem off balance to me. Why the heck would a grown man want to play hide and seek in a corn field on a date with a beautiful, mature woman? Would this woman not think that Jake was trying to be her son rather than her husband? I really don’t have a problem with two kindergartners falling in love. I wish them the best and hope that they will mature and grow old together at the same rate, or not. I do question whether Vienna will be able to parent a child when Jake decides to be a parent to his child rather than to his wife. I can see Vienna at that time either throwing a fit or putting on her princess act. No matter what, Vienna’s father will call the shots in the marriage, if any, and Jake will become a five year old son to his father in law; as is Vienna Bread and Sausage a five year old kid to her father. The father obviously has incestuous tendencies towards his daughter. Vienna plays along with daddy’s fantasy. This will be just like any other dysfunctional family. Jake’s mother will end up kicking the crap outta Vienna’s father. I predict.

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