Charlie Sheen May be in a Heap of Trouble

So, anyone who marries Charlie Sheen after this is an idiot. Because this thing with Brooke Mueller is not going to last, and any marriage to Sheen just spells drama and trouble. This whole incident of Charlie beating the crap out of Brooke has led to a whole downward spiral of events that all equal to the demise of Charlie and Brooke, both as a couple and as individuals. But, the fact that he may never get married again, and the fact that he has to come to terms with the horrible human being he is, are both really the least of Charlie Sheen’s issues. He may be going to jail. And for a very long time.

One reason for this is that Denise Richards aka. Notorious Liar, and Charlie’s ex-wife, is about to come forward for Charlie’s trial and testify that he threatened to have her killed and that he pushed and shoved her while she was holding their daughter. Before you get too sympathetic for Denise Richards, let me remind you that she has made no bones about the fact that she despises Charlie, despite recently saying on Oprah that she still loves him but isn’t “in love with him.” She also said on Oprah during that same interview that Charlie was never physically abusive, but that he was very emotionally abusive. That’s contradictory to what she’s preparing to say on the stand though. From Bump Shack,

“Richards claimed on December 30, 2005, in the middle of an argument, she was holding their daughter Lola, when Charlie “pushed me, shoving me with his two hands between my shoulders. I was forced backwards and tripped over one of the children’s toys and fell on the floor with Lola.”According to the declaration, Charlie then pointed his finger at her and screamed, “I hope you f–king die, bitch.” Richards says as Charlie was walking out the front door he said “he was going to have me killed. He said you are f–king with the wrong guy.”

But words from scorned ex-lovers aren’t the only things stacking up against Charlie. There’s also now talk going around that there were drugs involved in Charlie and Brooke’s marriage. What?!! No!! Okay, the drug issue is no surprise to anyone, especially since Brooke is now attending rehab at home to kick crack. But, these drug sessions resulted in some pretty disgusting threesomes that were apparently something that Charlie and Brooke liked to do quite often when they were all cracked out. The problem with this, other than just being nauseating to thinkabout, is that one of the women that the couple “shared their bed with” is willing to come forward about the drug use. And if drugs are introduced at your trial for beating women, it doesn’t spell good news. From Radar Online,

“Now an entirely new dimension of the Sheen-Mueller marriage is about to be publicly detailed. confirmed with a source who has direct knowledge of the situation that a woman who has slept with both Charlie and Brooke at the same time will be coming forward to reveal even more outrageous details of their relationship.

“Brooke is bisexual,” another insider told “She and Charlie have had more than one woman share their bed in the short time they’ve been married.”

Brooke is being treated for crack addiction and alcoholism. Charlie had been using cocaine and also started boozing again.

“Some of the women they slept with together also did drugs with them,” the insider told

The first source would not reveal if the woman who is about to go public saw Sheen and Mueller do drugs. And the source would not say when or how the woman will tell her story but learned that it will happen within the next two weeks.

Sheen, who is facing prison if convicted on a felony and two misdemeanor charges in Colorado, will be under even more heat if the Colorado district attorney is able to introduce illegal drug use into the actor’s trial.”

And among all of this, Brooke is saying that she’ll stay with Charlie if he can clean himself up and stay sober. Now, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? Apparently, she feels as though she won’t be able to stay clean if he can’t either and wants to work on their marriage but feels this is the only way to do it. Well, duh! From Digital Spy,

“Brooke Mueller has reportedly said that she will only stay married to Charlie Sheen if he keeps sober.

According to TMZ, Mueller feels that the only way she can remain abstinent is if the Two and a Half Men star stays clean himself.

She is currently attending rehab at home after leaving a California facility under controversial circumstances.

Sources close to Sheen have allegedly said that it is Mueller who is a bad influence on the actor and not the other way around.

“It’s Brooke’s craziness that is fuelling all of this,” explained one insider.”

Aren’t Brooke and Charlie exhausting? I’m tired just listening to them. Just like I was when it was Charlie and Denise Richards that were married! Oi. What it all boils down to is that Charlie Sheen really could be looking at doing some serious time. I know celebrities always manage to find a way out of it (read – money!) but this one is going to be hard to get out of. And it’s not like any of these are his first charges either.

And if he does get off, my prediction is that he and Brooke have about six more months of cracked out threesomes before eventually splitting up.

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