Simon Cowell’s the Marrying Kind After All!

Normally, I wouldn’t think that Simon Cowell getting engaged is such a big deal. I know he has this image as being this untamable player, but even with all the money and cars and mansions, but I just never really cared one way or another. But, not only has some woman tamed him, but it comes not that long after he broke up with another woman who wanted to do the exact same thing. That woman was Terri Seymour and she and Simon broke up in 2008 amidst rumors that Simon was a cheater and that Terri was tired of waiting for him to marry her. Oh the scandal! Now I’m interested!

It was shortly after Terri and Simon broke up that Mezhgan Hussainy appeared on Idol as a makeup artist or hairstylist or ‘Simon’s new work friend’, or something. Now, a couple of years later and yes, the two are getting hitched. I bet hell hath no fury like Terri Seymour right now. From Radar Online,

“It’s official. Simon Cowell is getting married!

Beautiful Mezhgan Hussainy told exclusively that she and Simon are officially engaged.

Until now, there have been only whispers and rumors about the couple possibly getting married — but their plans have been a secret.

Meet Simon’s New Love Mezhgan Hussainy

But, gorgeous brunette Mezhgan told’s executive vice president David Perel that indeed, she and Simon are getting married.

Sporting a beautiful sparkling engagement ring, Mezhgan was all smiles as she told exclusively that the couple, who are living together, are officially engaged.

They met on American Idol several years ago and what began as friendship grew into love after Simon’s previous relationship ended.”

Well, at least they keep it interesting, I guess. Now, do we think this will last? I’m guessing no but Simon won’t be too put out if it ends badly. He’s currently getting things together to hand her over a prenup so shedoesn’t take him for the whole $2 million he’s worth. Nuthin says love like reading fine print…

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i just love him!!

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