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Jesse James Seeks Sex Addiction Counseling

Remember when we told you that Jesse James had been pulled by over by a Californian police officer while on his way to Arizona? Apparently, Jesse was headed to sex rehab, where he is currently seeking sex addiction counseling. All of this in an effort to win back the love of Sandra Bullock and continue […]

Is Amy Winehouse Trying to Get Pregnant?

Oh please, say it isn’t so! The word on the street is that Amy Winehouse is trying to get pregnant! Can you imagine?? Little crack babies running around among the mess that is Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil? Oh this doesn’t bode well for future societies at all. Apparently, when Amy was shoving tremendous amounts […]

Elin Will Not Support Tiger at the Masters

Okay, so I realize that none of us really knows what’s going on with Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren. While it’s thought that the two are staying together, it’s also been believed that there were many conditions that Elin had if Tiger really wanted her to stay that badly. One of the main ones was […]

Sandra Bullock is Reportedly Filing for Divorce

I guess, after mistress #4 stepped forward, Sandra Bullock has decided that she has been embarrassed enough by her husband’s sex-capades. Radar Online is reporting that Sandy has filed for divorce and that she has had enough! And do you really blame her? If this is true, I’m so happy that Sandra has made this […]

Bump Watch: Amy Adams

Oh, I’m so happy that today is about happiness and excitement rather than doom and divorce, like yesterday’s headlines seemed to be. First we had Jessica Alba spending some quality time with her family and here we have Amy Adams, on her way to her baby shower and looking big and beautiful! Amy’s always beautiful […]

Cutie Watch: Jessica, Cash, and Honor

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren took advantage of the beautiful spring weather by taking their little girl Honor to the park for some good ol’ family time. Isn’t Honor so cute? I’d much rather see a little girl wearing a sundress and kicking a ball around than wearingkitty heels and carrying an $850 purse a […]

Reggie Bush is a Cheater Too!

What is going on in Hollywood exactly? There must be somethingin the water – the men’s water that is. I’m certainly not saying that the women in Hollywood don’t cheat too but lately the headlines have just been full of douchebags that  can’t seem to stay faithful to their wives. Or in this case, their […]

Jesse James is a Total Dog

Jesse James just makes me sick. I truly don’t understand why men feel the need to cheat on their wives. And I really don’t see how someone could be unhappy when they’re married to Sandra Freakin Bullock. But what I don’t get is the high that Jesse seems to get from this. Like so many […]

You HAD to Know This Rumor Was Coming!

I have to admit it, as soon as I heard that Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes broke up, I started having fantasies about Kate and Leonardo DiCaprio hooking up. I mean really, who doesn’t want to see that happen in real life? It would just be too too perfect. But now there’s an actual rumor […]

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush: Splitsville!

Really, nothing about any one of the Kardashians interests me, but I understand that Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush are some sort of big deal. And they’re a big enough deal that even I know that they have been pretty serious for some time and that ever since Khloe got married recently, there have been […]

The Jesse James Mess Gets Even Uglier

I was just saying that I needed someone other than ….and in walks Jesse James. Not only did he sit smiling proudly while his wife, Sandra Bullock collected her Academy Award, but the entire time he was cheating on her. Then he came out with a lame-ass apology and now his mistress has been revealed. […]

Josh Duhamel Discreetly Debunks Rumors

Ever since they’ve gotten together, Josh Duhamel and Fergie have been surrounded by rumors. And when they got married, they opened a whole new can of worms with the rumor mill. Either they were getting divorced because of Fergie’s partying, or Josh’s cheating, or they were expecting a baby. Well it turns out, none of […]

David Schwimmer is About to Get Married!

There have been a lot of bad things going on around Hollywood lately, especially when it comes to marriages breaking up. So I thought I’d bring news of  a couple that are about to embark on a journey of happiness, and are looking to start their lives together. David Schwimmer, who we all know of […]

My Heart Goes Out to Sandra Bullock

Remember when Sandra Bullock won her award for Best Actress at the Oscar’s only a fewweeks ago? In her speech, Sandy spoke about her mom and with tears in her eyes, pointed to her husband, Jesse James and said, “and you’re why I have…that, and this (holding up Oscar.) Now Sandra may be thinking what […]

Kate Winslet and Sam Mendes: Splitsville!

It was in 2008 that the movie Revolutionary Road was released and it was a movie that marked the reunionof Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio starring alongside each other. The other big news about that movie was that Sam Mendes, Kate’s husband, was directing the film. During filming and afterwards, as Kate was scooping up […]

Charlie Sheen May Find Himself Tongue-Tied

Charlie Sheen has always made himself appear as someone who is extremely charming, and extremely smooth. But soon, Charlie might find himself tongue-tied in court when he may have to defend his drinking while he was out on probation. The probation came after he assaulted his wife, Brooke Mueller on Christmas Day, and one of […]

Is J.Lo a Total Hypocrite?

Okay, I know that Jennifer Lopez actually is a total hypocrite. Andshe’s never been a favorite of mine, although I do have to give her kudos for her acting skills. Well, it wasn’t all that long ago in January when J.Lo claimed that because these things should be left up to God, and that she’s […]

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jamie Kennedy: Splitsville!

Aw, and they were such a cute couple too! Jennifer Love Hewitt got together with her Ghost Whisperer costar, Jamie Kennedy, shortly after her split from Ross McCall at the end of 2008. The entire year that Jennifer and Jamie were together, the rumor mill was always coming up with new stories about how the […]

Updates on Corey Haim’s Death

Of course we all know by now that Corey Haim died on Wednesday this week and I have to say, this is one Hollywood death that I’m not all that upset about. I mean, it’s Corey Haim, and being riddled with drug problems for what seemed like his whole entire life, I’m surprised that he […]

The Best Tiger Woods Mistress: Jamie Jungers!

As you might be aware, Howard Stern recently held the Tiger Woods’ Mistress Beauty Pageant in order to see who the most beautiful mistress was that was had by the famous golfer while he was still married. Howard began the pageant by having all the mistresses dress up in bikinis, and then he asked them […]