Elin May Not Be So Supportive After All

All accounts so far have been pointing to the fact that Elin Nordegren is fully supporting her cheating husband, Tiger Woods. But now the National Enquirer has other reports that Elin is enraged that she was forced to listen to account after account of Tiger’s indiscretions while she was in Mississippi trying to support him through his therapy. Not only is she angry that she had to do this, but from the sounds of it, she’s also fed up with the marriage and wants out!

All we’ve heard so far about Elin and Tiger is that they are working on their marriage, although Tiger expressly said in his press conference that what they were going todo about their marriage was a matter between them as husband and wife. But the Enquirer has been right about everything so far that’s been going on with Tiger, and they were the first ones to even break the story so I’m tempted to believe this one too. From the National Enquirer,

“[Elin] initially agreed to be part of [Tiger’s] therapy, but when she agreed in Mississippi at Gentle Path, she discovered that she’d have to listen to a painful and intense ‘disclosure’ session.

“Patients write down every sexual encounter they’ve had in excruciating detail, and are given polygraph tests to make sure they’re telling the truth. Then they read their ‘disclosure’ in a group therapy session, while their spouse listens.

“Elin exploded when she found out she was expected to do this. She felt that she’d been manipulated, and said over and over again, ‘None of this is my fault, and there’s no way I’m going to put myself through this.’ Shortly after that, she flew back to Florida.

“Later, when therapists tried to set up conference-call therapy sessions with her, Tiger and a therapist, she flatly refused.

“Since then, Elin has turned her back on Tiger. In his apology, Tiger indicated that they were talking, but they lived apart in Florida before he headed to Arizona for rehab, and Elin doesn’t want to move on with the marriage.

“She’s decided that there’s no point being part of his therapy. Although she could always change her mind, it looks like it’s too late for Tiger to save his marriage. But he knows he has to complete therapy if he ever wants to get his life back in order.”

And, speaking of rehab. The National Enquirer also ran a story about how Tiger was changing rehab facilities. Not because of any privacy issues like Brooke Mueller, but rather because he doesn’t feel as though a sex addiction is his problem – it’s a problem with prescription drugs such as Vicodin and Ambien. These apparently, affected his ability to make the right decision and keep it in his pants.

I’m sorry, I just don’t care what kind of addiction Tiger thinks he’s battling. Choices were made, and they were very poor and now he must deal with the consequences. He didn’t seem to be too high or too incoherent to sleep with 14+ women, so he shouldn’t have been too unable to make the right decision either – which would be to not sleep with those women!

And how humiliating for Elin to have to not only hear the gruesome details of Tiger’s affairs, but sit there and hear Tiger read about all of them to her and a group of people! I don’t blame her for not being supportive and to be honest, I’m surprised that she went as far as she did. I hope that she leaves Tiger, I really do. Maybe then I could regain some of the respect that I had for her.

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