Happy Valentine’s Day! from Sandra Bullock

Happy Valentine’s Day to you from us, and Sandra Bullock. This story just had me rolling in the aisles when I read it and it’s quite appropriate, seeing as how today is Valentine’s Day and this story is about a special little “something” Sandra had done for the all-special day. Talk about getting excited about Valentine’s, this girl went all out! And whether you’re nauseated by this story, or admire Sandy’s “go get em!” attitude, you have to give the girl credit. She really does whatever she can to please the ones she loves, she does it in a very cute and humorous way, and well…she’s creative!

I don’t know whether Sandra Bullock went to these lengths for this recent Valentine’s Day, or whether it was for one years past but, Sandy went to great lengths to shape her pubic hair in the shape of a heart. And then she dyed it pink. All on her own, in her own bathroom from the sounds of it, and with a great deal of pain involved. From Contact Music via Celebitchy,

“Sandra Bullock burned herself dying her pubic hair.

The actress – who is married to motorcycle enthusiast Jesse James – admits she was horrified when her special Valentine’s Day (14.02.10) grooming efforts went wrong.

She explained: “I decided for Valentine’s Day I would do a special hair thing. I wanted to try to create a pink heart shape with my lower hair. It was painful.

“You had to bleach it first. There’s something about bleach that feels like acid. Then I had to shave it. I was in so much pain, but I kept going and put the pink dye on and it went the wrong colour.”

The 45-year-old star also suffered another dyeing disaster when she went blonde recently for her role in ‘The Blind Side’ because Jesse hated it.

She admitted to Britain’s OK! magazine: “There is a very important person in my life who just didn’t want me being blonde – thank God. There was a big person who said, ‘I don’t like the blonde on you, take it off. You want him to say that.’ You want him to say that. You do.”

Once again, I just have to say….BAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh, poor Sandra!I do feel very bad for her because, oh Lordy the pain! But still, it’s funny. And it just goes to show that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Hope you’re having a good Valentine’s Day, Sandra! And we hope you are too!

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