Michael’s Not the Only Lohan Who Needs Some Attention

I’m so sick of hearing about the Lohan family. Honestly, I defended Lindsay for as long as I could, but even I turned my back on her when she became a crazy person banging down hotel room doors at all hours of the night. And that weird thing she did to her lips didn’t help her inmy books either. And really, I don’t even know why she’s still such major news. When was the last time she did a movie? When was the last time she did anything but shop? Oh that’s right. It was a very, very long time ago. And that’s because she’s a crackbag who can’t show up to work on time or even do her job properly when she’s there.

Well now, Lindsay has taken to Twitter to knock down rumors that Samantha Ronson ever hit her. Okay seriously. If I’m confused as to why we’re still talking about Lindsay, then I’m absolutely baffled as to why we’re still talking about her lesbian lover that she broke up with last April!! But alas, here we are. And for the record, Samantha DID NOT hit Lindsay. From Celebrity Dirty Laundry,

“The 23-year-old actress took to micro-blogging website twitter to blast suggestions her on/off girlfriend has ever been abusive to her. She tweeted: “This is become a bit much*Samantha R never raised a hand to me, I’ve never said she did* Enough is Enough. Focus on other more important… World issues (sic).” Samantha, 32, then thanked Lindsay for refuting the claims.

She wrote on twitter: “Thank you for clearing that up. The high road was giving me a nose bleed! “To ANYONE who perpetuates this rumour accusing me of being violently abusive after Lindsay has denied it: I WILL take legal action. (sic).”

Ooh…big, bad threats from the has-been. Whatever. In other Lindsay news, she has recently been fired from yet another job. And just what is that job? A prostitute. Sorry, a classy prostitute. I’m not kidding. Lindsay was set to go to a Viennese ball tonight but got held up at the airport when she was late because she was shopping. Big surprise. She did ask the plane to wait for her, but that would cost $22,000 and Linds didn’t have enough money on her credit card. Maybe she shouldn’t shop so much. And, not only did she miss being a whore for the evening, but when she was still set to go, she ordered that all booze be kept out of her sight. That’s nice. When you can’t resist temptation just because you looked at it. Not even when you’re being paid $150K to do it. What a loser. This is the goods on that story from Allie is Wired,

“Now that Lindsay Lohan’s career has bottomed out at the straight to DVD bargain bin, she has moved on to high class hookin’.
She had an easy $150,000 date deal and blew it by spending too much time following the drug sniffing dogs around at the airport looking for a hook up.

Lohan arrived at her flight gate at LAX 2 hours late and expected to giggle her way onto the plane. The plane waited, but demanded a $22,000 carrier fee.

“According to the possibly truth-stretching—but then again, possibly not—Lugner, Lohan missed her plane fromLos Angeles to London after a shopping spree ran overtime. Apparently, what the starlet lacked in funds to hold the flight, the billionaire lacked in inclination, resulting in her no-show.

“She wanted to pay it, but her card’s credit limit was not high enough,” Lugner said of the would-be $22,000 fee.”

The geezer has a 20 year old girlfriend, but has his daughter pick out headline making celebs to accompany him to the ball every year. Pamela Anderson attended the 2003 gala on his arm. Paris Hilton also accepted the paid proposition and hitched her boobs into an actual asset covering gown.
Part of their deal also requested all the booze be hidden. That I am not making up. Mini bars in her suite were emptied and mineral water was being pushed over cocktails.”

So there ya have all the Lindsay drama for today. Wait for tomorrow’s story when we hear about how Lindsay will also claim that she was never molested by her dog. Iguess we’re all on the edge of our seats until then.

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