Sienna and Jude are Shackin Up!

Both Sienna Miller and Jude Law both make me barf. I just think they’re both so trampy and dirty and just generally not very good people. So when they got back together this summer, I was actually a little relieved. I mean, at least they’re not doling out their evilness on other people, right? And now the latest report is that they’re moving in together. Which is all fine and good, but who the hell really cares? What I do care about is all of these stupid conditions about the relationship that Sienna has about the relationship. Rules like, “If one of us is not happy, we get out.” Oh really? Is that how relationships work? Because I always like to bind and gag my boyfriends just so that they’ll stay with me. But Jude has made his promises too. He swears that he’s not gonna cheat on Sienna this time. Awww? And I thought all the good ones were taken! Like I said, they both make me barf. From Digital Spy,

“Sienna Miller is said to be “seriously considering” moving in with her ex-partner Jude Law.

The couple reportedly rekindled their on-off romance last year. It is thought that Law is now keen for the actress to share his London home.

“Sienna is seriously considering it,” a source close to the pair told Fox News. “They have been spending most nights together and it’s a trek for her in London.

“She would keep her apartment no matter what she decides to do. Sienna has always been independent and she is not willing to give up her home yet. She and Jude have mended their fences and she has forgiven him.”

The insider continued: “He has promised there will be no affairs and Sienna demands total honesty. If either one is unhappy she has told him they must end it. No more hanging on if it’s not working out. Sienna’s mum and sister are worried about her being with Jude again, but they are grateful that she’s keeping her home even if she does move in with Jude.

“Jude’s family on the other hand love Sienna. She’s been spending time with his children again and she missed the bond they all had. She isn’t blind and she knows their problems couldreturn, but she is determined to keep her eyes open and still enjoy their romance.”

I’m not surprised that Sienna’s family isn’t too happy with this cohabitation situation. I mean, it’s Jude Law. He probably hasn’t even met his baby yet that was born in September of last year. But it does surprise me a little that Jude’s family love Sienna. Do they know it’s Sienna Miller? Tramp Of the Globe that wanders around completely naked without caring who is watching? Sienna Miller the homewrecker? Although, when you consider that their son is Jude Law, you might just be happy that he’s settling down with anyone.

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