Don’t Ya Just Love Jim & Jenny?

Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy are one of my favorite couples. At first, it was their anti-marriage stance that made me pay more attention to them. As far as I know, the two aren’t not getting married for political reasons, or taking any kind of “not until it’s legal for everyone!” stand, they just simply don’t see the point. And I say, hooray for them! I think that kind of thinking is refreshing in today’s world, when a couple is actually just doing what’s best for them and not trying to make some kind of statement about it.

Okay, more reasons to love Jim and Jenny. They also do oodles of good work, most of which is for autism, which Jenny’s son is affected by. They recently just hosted a poker tournament to raise money for the cause and People nabbed them long enough to talk about the event, and of course, to give them a chance to talk about their relationship, and give us even more reasons to love them. From People,

“Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy have been together four years – and they have a simple explanation about what makes their relationship work.

“Say what you mean,” McCarthy tells PEOPLE. “No one has the energy for mind games.”

“Jenny is the first person that I’ve been with where I don’t have a giant question mark over my head,” Carrey says at the Saturday Night Spectacular poker event he hosted with McCarthy at Miami’s Bank of America Tower.

But how do they keep their relationship on track? “Communication,” McCarthy says, before ticking off other important factors. “Being turned on by each other. Being each other’s soul mate.”

“When you’re not turned on, there’s generally something to talk about,” Carrey interjects. “So, it’s good to listen to that.”

Carrey, 48, and McCarthy, 37, hosted the event to raise fundsfor their autism organization, Generation Rescue. “This is so important,” Carrey says. “Everyone knows someone who has been touched by autism. It’s important to know that there is hope.”

It’s an issue that hits close to home for them both. McCarthy’s son, Evan, was diagnosed with autism in 2004. Since Carrey started dating McCarthy, he and Evan have developed a close bond. “I think a man who is good with children is sexy,” McCarthy says. “And Jim definitely is. He loves Evan so much.”

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, does the happy couple have any big plans? “I don’t know,” McCarthy says, before turning to Carrey. “What are we going to do?”

He just smiled: “Every day is Valentine’s Day, baby.”

I’d like to imagine that with these two, every day is Valentine’s Day. But I think because they’re so honest, it’s most likely not. Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy have always been quite open about their relationship, even though there’s not a whole ton of drama surrounding these two. They’ve also made it quite clear that they are in it for the long haul with each other – but that there will most likely never be a piece of paper to prove that.

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