Oh No! Say a Taylor Swift and John Mayer Fling Isn’t So!

I heard that John Mayer and Taylor Swift had hung out together in Nashville a couple of weeks ago. When I first read about it I thought, “Oh no, Taylor, be smarter than that, girl!” Because when you hear about Mayer entering into the same state as a girl, you automatically assume that he’s trying to get with her. But as I read, it seemed as though Taylor was indeed smarter than that and the whole thing was nothing more than just John, Taylor, and a bunch of other friends, hanging out together. The whole thing was dropped…until just recently.

Now Mayer isreportedly going around whispering to friends about how that night in Nashville might just appear in one of the country singer’s songs between the two had a ‘fling’, meaning a one-night stand. This is just so hard for me to picture! I mean, Mayer, sure, I expect nothing more. In fact, I’m surprised he has Tweeted about it since. But Taylor?! That’s what makes this so hard for me to believe. She does seem smarter than hooking up with the biggest known player in the land, and she just doesn’t seem like the kind of girl to do one-night stands. And the fact that all of this comes from ‘a source’, makes me even more skeptical. From Digital Spy,

“John Mayer has reportedly revealed that he had a brief romance with Taylor Swift.

Mayer has allegedly admitted to a friend that he “hooked up” with the 20-year-old country singer while they were both in Nashville, Tennessee, on January 24.

The source said: “She was sitting onJohn’s lap, her arms were around him, and she was talking in his ear. They were acting like teenagers.”

The source claimed that the couple dined at the Cabana restaurant and were joined by their friends. After their dinner reservation, they were spotted leaving the restaurant alone and heading to the Hermitage Hotel.

“Taylor spent the night and enjoyed mid-morning room service before leaving his suite the next day”, the source added.

Both Mayer’s and Swift’s spokespeople have denied the reports.”

And Taylor Swift is barely out of her teenage years so it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone that she was acting like one. That being said, I think she’s always been a smart teenager…at least in the important areas anyway. Yes, it seems like with the White Horse singer at the top of her game, everyone seems to want a piece of her.I wonder what Taylor Lautner thinks about this. I’m rooting for him but, I don’t know. John Mayer seems to have some kind of charm I just don’t understand.

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