Is There Trouble for Ben and Jen?

One of the things I love so much about the super couple that is Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck, is that the media seems to leave them pretty much untouched. I mean, there are a ton of pictures with Jen picking up Violet from preschool, or taking her girls to the park. But as for the rumor mill churning about them, and them being the focus of tabloids, well, they’re just not. And I think that makes them even more of a super couple. But alas, this week they have been touched by the unpleasant gossip, and rumor has it that Jen and Ben might just be in trouble after all.

Apparently, Ben has started smoking, and – gasp! – drinking again and Jen just can’t handle it. The whole time I reading the In Touch article, I kept thinking, “Here comes the ultimatum, here comes the ultimatum.” Because no good story leaves out the ultimatum. And while this tabloid didn’t say that Jen gave Ben the ultimate choice, they did say that Jen fears for her marriage, and that she’s very unhappy about Ben’s cavorting ways. From In Touch,

At Sundance, “Ben was definitely drinking,” a witness tells In Touch. “He had vodka on the table in front of him. This comes just 10 days after Ben was seen purchasing bottles of wine in LA.

“Ben’s started to have the odd beer and go out to bars,” a friend explains. Ben’s wife, Jennifer Garner, knows that he’s been drinking again – and she’s very upset about it.

“Jen laid down the law and asked him not to do it, and he promised he wouldn’t,” the friend adds. But not long after Ben landed in Utah, he hit the bottle. “Jen was hurt.”

While Jen knows Ben love her and their daughters with “all of his heart”, she worries that there’s a part of him that misses his old life. While recently filming The Town, Ben lit up whenever he was around Blake Lively. “It’s obvious that Ben’s been itching to let off some steam… he’s dying to have fun.”

But if Ben keeps drinking, his four-year marriage to Jen might be at risk. Although friends say he has no intention of slipping back into his destructive behavior, specialists not that “when a onetime alcoholic begins dabbling in drinking again, it can quickly turn into a full-fledged problem.”

Also troubling: Ben has already started smoking again, a friend reveals: “It’s the worry of one addiction leading to another that scares Jen.”

Jen is keeping an eye on Ben to ensurehe doesn’t fall back to his old ways, but she knows that nagging could drive Ben away, and she doesn’t want to lose him to his addictive nature.”

I don’t understand why the media needs to paint Jen out as this goodie two shoes who will do no wrong and gets flabbergasted if her husband decides to have a beer. While sometimes I do wish that Jen were a little more like her character, Sydney, on Alias, I think she’s just a very nice person that hasn’t let the Hollywood lifestyle get to her. She’s found a good husband, they have a wonderful family, and I think people know that. It’s okay that Jen doesn’t have scandal or drama at every turn. In fact, it’s kinda what I like about her.

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