Has Britney Lost it Again?


I really hate to say anything bad about Britney Spears. Well okay, maybe not anything but generally, I try to take it easy on the girl. She’s been through a lot of crap, has never had a life of her own, and has worked hard to rebuild herself. I realize she’s done all of this while rolling around in her millions of dollars but actually, she hasn’t been doing that lately. And she may not be for some time. And this post isn’t saying anything bad about Britney either. Except that I do feel badly for her and think that people should start to see she’s not all that crazy anymore.

Britney Spears had a court hearing on January 22 to decide whether or not her father, Jamie Spears, should remain her conservator. Unfortunately for Brit, the courts sided with her dad and Britney remains under his control. And from the sounds of it, she didn’t get a fair fight either. From National Enquirer,

“Britney Spears “completely broke down” in the car on the way home from her Jan. 22 court date after realizing she may never get out from under her father Jamie’s conservatorship, The ENQUIRER has learned.

And when the father and daughter arrived back at Britney’s home, she “tore into him like a mad woman,” divulged a source.

“Her bodyguards had to physically restrain her from hitting Jamie. It was a terrible scene. Britney was totally out of control.”

The 28-year-old performer had been hoping to speak to thejudge privately during the hearing, which was closed to the public, but her request was denied. Instead, she listened as her doctors gave Jamie credit for her progress over the past year.

They also told the court Britney still wasn’t capable of handling her own medical care or personal life.

On the way home, Britney called ex-husband Kevin Federline and told him “she wants to flee the country with the boys,” divulged the source.

Fearing she may try to run, Jamie has hired two more bodyguards. One is posted outside Britney’s bedroom door 24 hours a day, according to the source.

Britney is so angry,she has tried to break several pieces of surveillance equipment used to monitor her.

“Her family is very worried because Britney hasn’t acted out like this in a long time,” added the source.

“They fear she will do something desperate.”

Okay, can we give the girl a break? Just a tiny one. Yes, I give Jamie Spears all the credit in theworld for helping – helping- Britney get back on her feet. But no one can tell me that it didn’t take a hell of a lot of hard work on her part to make it happen. I can understand her ripping into her dad. I’d be pretty upset too if someone tried to make it clear 3 years after the fact that I couldn’t handle myself when I knew much, much better.

And as for the part about hitting him? Well, let’s just hope that’s not true. I mean, I can’t say I wouldn’t have hit him myself but it definitely doesn’t make her case any stronger. The same goes with taking off with the kids. Let’s hope that Britney really does know better at this point. That would look incredibly bad and I’m not sure, but I think she’s even capable of having charges pressed against her if she were to do something like that. Again, let’s hope that she knows better and that it’s not true. Or, in the very least, that it was something that was said in the heat of the moment and that Britney would never do it.

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