Taylor Swift is a Heartbreaker for Sure!

Taylor Swift is a girl that knows how to get around. But the best thing about her is that, a sweeter girl you will not find. It’s part of that sweetness I’m sure, that is what makes men swoon over her as she leaves broken hearts in her trail. First she was seen out with […]

Well Here’s an Entertaining Show for us All

What’s the first thing a celebrity couple does when it’s rumored they’re in trouble and they want to tell the world to stuff a sock in it? Go out very publicly and act all cuddly and loving. Of course, because a few kisses here and there should be proof enough for anyone. But that’s exactly […]

First Pics of Matthew McConaughey’s Baby Girl Vida!

I think there’s something wrong with people who don’t like Matthew McConaughey. I have to admit, once I found out about the whole placenta-burying thing, I tried really hard not to like him. Just because, ew that’s gross. But I just can’t do it! Everything about him is just so darned cute, including that little […]