Michael Lohan Will Do Anything for Publicity

So we all know Michael Lohan is a douche, right? He’s a douche to his kid, Lindsay, he’s a douche to his ex-wife, Dina, and he’s a douche to just about everyone in his life. The only people, in fact, that Michael Lohan is not a douche to, are the media. He truly will do anything to get the spotlight back on him and this latest violation in a restraining order makes me wonder if it wasn’t just a case of Mikey-boy getting an itch for headline. So, we’ll throw him a bone.

What’s most interesting about this story isn’t actually that Michael Lohan, a.k.a. The Douche, broke the restraining order that his ex-girlfriend, Erin Muller, had in place against him. The fact that he made a phone call to her at work only told me that this wasn’t a physical threat or attempt to actually speak to her at all, but was in fact just a cry for attention. What interested me was the fact that during the course of the story, I found out that Michael is dating Kate Major, who was also linked to The Douche II, Jon Gosselin, previously. And I also think Kate was probably going to be a part of that weird divorced mens’ club group that Jon and Michael were planning on starting together. But I couldn’t swear on that one. Here are the details about the restriction violation, and Kate’s role in it all, from Radar Online,

“Michael Lohan has been arrested again following another alleged run-in with his ex-girlfriend Erin Muller.

Despite Lohan’s many protests that he is “moving on” with his life and is over Muller, even going so far as to plan a move in with new girlfriend Kate Major, he has allegedly been trying to make contact with Muller, calling her at her work last Thursday – a direct violation of the restraining order Muller has against him.

Lohan was arrested by Nassau County Police Thursday and booked for criminal contempt. He is due in court February 25th.

Joan Eames, Public Information officer at Nassau County Police Department confirmed Lohan’s arrest. Going on to say he was arrested for, “Criminal contempt of his Order of Protection.”

RadarOnline.com contacted Lohan who completely denies contacting, or attempting to contact Muller. And goes on to state that his ex-girlfriend has her very own upcomingarrest pending.

Lohan tells RadarOnline.com “Erin lied and pressed charges. She is being arrested again in NY City and Nassau County 2nd Precinct.”

“Erin said I called her but she lied because she heard I was in Costa Rica instead. I have proof and she doesn’t.”

Going on to claim, “Her lawyer asked for money to drop the charges. How is it that I have proof and she doesn’t?”

Michael Lohan is just so damned whiny it drives me crazy! And how creepy are these people? Kate Major couldn’t make headlines with Jon and so now, having abandoned her job and most likely her life, she’s shackin up with the creepiest man in the world? What exactly, are we supposed to think about her? And as for Erin Muller’s part in all of this, I don’t blame her. If any one of these people came anywhere close to me, I’d immediately get a restraining order on all of them.

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