Bradley is Renee’s Knight in Shining Armor

Well for those that think the relationship between Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper is strictly publicity-driven, it’s hard to deny the care that is shown in this story. On Thursday, Renee went to Bradley’s home, dressed in the workout gear she’s becoming so famous for, and while she had her car door open outside of the home, an elderly woman passing by almost smashed right into her. While Renee wasn’t hurt, and didn’t even seem to be too shaken up by the incident, her knight in shining armor, Bradley Cooper, was soon on-scene to save the day. From Celebrity Mania,

“On Thursday, January 28, the leading lady of “My One and Only” was nearly rammed by another car when she was climbing into her black Prius outside of Bradley Cooper’s new home in the Pacific Palisades.

TMZ reported the 40-year-old actress, who was spotted dressed in workout gear, made a quick stop at the house which is still undergoing some construction just before 9 A.M. on the particular morning. When she returned to her car and opened the door to get in, a passing SUV smashed into the open door, barely missing on hitting her but causing a large dent in the door.

Zellweger was left uninjured and no police was called to the scene. According to witness on the scene as quoted by E! News, theactress “didn’t seem upset” and was ” in good spirits” with the older woman who struck the door. The source further mentioned that following the incident, both parties “got out, [Renee] took pictures of the damage, they exchanged information”.

Minutes later, Renee Zellweger’s boyfriend, Bradley Cooper, was spotted arrived to the accident scene. After doing some brief checking of the damaged car door, the Academy Award-winning actress’ co-star in “Case 39″ whisked her away from the accident scene.”

Aw, ain’t that sweet! A true Hollywood rescue story! We’re glad everyone’s okay and this might just squash some of the rumors that Bradley and Renee just like what the publicity is doing for their careers. They were  both equally hot before they hooked up and together, well they’re pretty good.

This isn’t the first time Renee’s had bad luck with cars though. It wasjust this past summer in August when Renee was involved in another smashup when a car in front of her made an illegal turn. During that crash, Renee was also injured and very concerned about others on the scene. She was also wearing workout clothes.

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