Another Story of Kate Gosselin Hitting Her Kids

Oh please. First of all, I’m not even sure why we’re still talking about Kate Gosselin. The nurse turned reality TV mom turned divorce mom with no show is now living her life in the way that she fits (which includes a new ‘do), and doing all the regular things that regular moms do. Well, except that she’s sitting on a buttload of money while she does it. But seriously, why are we still talking about her? She’s no longer infiltrating our living rooms with that awful show, and she’s not even in the middle of her divorce anymore. So why do we care? I’m not sure. And in this case, it’s not the fact that it’s Kate Gosselin so much as it is I really don’t see why we can’t let parents be parents.

Remember last summer when we told you about how the media was outraged that Kate ? Now there’s a new story just like it. Except that the child in question is her son, Collin and not her daughter, Leah. Apparently, Kate and her new hair, and her eight children, were out the other day when Collin wouldn’t stop talking to the media that was trying to get their attention. Kate has been very vocal in the past talking about how much she hates it when the kids and the paps interact, and has even said that the “p-word” is considered a swear in their house. A little overreacting perhaps, but it may explain why Kate felt the need to ‘hit her child in the mouth and then keep her hand held over his mouth.’ If you’re horrified, please read on because, I think the media has actuallymade it out to be much worse than it actually is. From In Touch via Celebitchy,

“On January 15, Kate was seen grabbing Collin after picking up him and his siblings from school at around 2 p.m. “Collin started talking to people around them, and Kate wanted him to keep quiet. She looked like she was about to lose it and smacked Collin in the face and then held his mouth!” and onlooking tells In Touch, adding, “All I know is that I wouldn’t treat a 5 year-old like that….”

With the messy divorce behind her, why is Kate resorting to physical violence now? According to a friend, the mother of eight is struggling with being a single mom. “Kate’s not just stressed, she’s completely overwhelmed,” her pal explains. “She is trying to do her best with her new life,” adds the friend, “but it’s proven to be much harder than she imagined.”

I’m sure it’s much harder than she imagines. I’m sure it’s harder than any person imagines when they once had help raising their children and suddenly they don’t. But honestly, this was not physical violence. This was a woman raising her kids. Because I know how much Kate doesn’t want her kids talking to the paparazzi, I’m sure her kids have a good idea as well. And I’m sure that Collin didn’t just open his mouth and Kate turned around and belted him. I’m sure that Kate told him not to talk to them, and he did anyway. So he got punished. As children should when they don’t listen to their parents. Kate doesn’t even look like she’s hitting him in this picture! She looks like she’s simply trying to get her point across.

It bothers me when people say things such as, “I wouldn’t treat a 5-year-old like that.” Because you don’t know, especially if you don’t have a 5 year old at home. I applaud Kate once again for doing what she thinks is best for her kids and I’m glad she’s proven that she’s got a hard enough nose not to let this kind of stuff get to her. I hold a lot against Kate and I’m not a fan of hers. But I do think that now that the cameras are gone most of the time, she probably is just trying to do whatever she can to hold the family she’s still got together.

By the way, for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, what do you think of Kate’s new hair? I think it looks like exactly what it is – fake hair. But I’m glad that she ditched that old short ‘do. It was just so overdone and the media had played it to the point of nausea so a switch is nice. Even if it’s not a great switch.

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#1 Louena Winslet on 01.30.10 at 11:27 am

O come on!! Moms can get irritated!!

#2 Robert on 05.12.11 at 4:51 pm

BiPolar, Borderline Psychotic Personality Disordered KATE. You go girl..

– Verbally & Emotionally ABUSIVE to her husband.
– Physically ABUSIVE to her children.

A narcissistic sociopath. Stop beating around the bush & call it what it is. ALL of the children would have been better off with their father.

This woman’s behavior is going to lead to huge problems with the kids when they reach their teens. I would like to see the show then when all eight of the kids turn around & beat the bitch to the ground. Her daughters will turn into “slap-happy” whores like the girls on Jersey Shore. Perhaps Kate will keep them all walking on eggshells like Kris kardashian & interfere with their lives well into adulthood.

“Strong Women” or “Psychos” or “Assholes”, I don’t like any of them. Take them off the tube please.

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