Charlie Sheen is Such a Loving Husband

It seems that all you have to do after beating your wife on Christmas Day and threatening her life is visit her in the hospital when she ends up in the hospital for pneumonia shortly after. That’s where Brooke Mueller is right now and her adoring husband, Charlie Sheen, visited his wife for the second time yesterday. This time though, he was allowed to actually talk to her! See, in case you missed it, Charlie visited his wife a few days ago when she was initially admitted to the hospital for a fever of 105 degrees. Unfortunately, because Brooke has an order against Charlie wherein he’s not allowed to have any contact with her or speak with her, he wasn’t actually allowed to visit her. However, a judge has temporarily lifted that order so that Charlie could be with her in the hospital. From TMZ,

“A much happier Charlie Sheen visited Brooke Mueller today in the hospital — and this time he was allowed to talk to his wife. Late yesterday, the judge in Charlie’s Aspen case relaxed the protective order and allowed Charlie to have contact with Brooke while she’s laid up in the hospital.”

The thing about Charlie Sheen is that I really want to like him. But I just can’t. I actually saw it on TMZ the first day he went to visit Brooke in the hospital and he did look very concerned and told the cameras that he was ‘just there to lend his love and support. Everything’s fine.’ And just the way he said it, it’s like he oozed charisma. But I too realize that saying it and actually meaning it are two very different things. And people may say that Sheen has changed his bad boy ways. And I’d agree with them. He’s taken the life of partying and drugs and stepped it up a notch to include beating his wife. Yes, he’s changed alright. Just not for the better.

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